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Review: Spider Holster Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder

Overview : Store your water bottle on your hip with the black Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder from Spider Camera Holster. Made of neoprene, the holder will accommodate one standard 20 oz water bottle. A drawstring closure at the top of the holder secures your water bottle in place. Your Spider Monkey includes one holster base which is easily attached to your belt. The base and holder combination are compatible with other Spider gear such as the SpiderPro belt, Black Widow belt, and the Large Lens Pouch. The holder is easily mounted by sliding it into the base, and removed by depressing the release tab on top of the base. For convenience, mounting and removal of the holder are accomplished with the use of just one hand. When thirsty, simply drink from your water bottle while it's inside the holder. In addition to saving time, keeping the water bottle inside the holder may help maintain its temperature.

Features :
  • Holds Standard 20 oz/650 ml Water Bottle
  • Attaches to User-Supplied Belt
  • Compatible with Other Spider Gear
  • One Spider Monkey Holster Base Included
  • Made of Black Neoprene

Quality/Usability : Whether you're at an all day shoot, hiking or on vacation, it's always good to have a bottle of water (or beverage of your choice) with you at all times.

The Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder includes the monkey clip and pouch. Simple enough.

The pouch is made of neoprene material and will help keep your beverage cool on a hot day. The front has a Spider Holster logo and the back has houses the clip. Since the clip is oval, the pouch does not rotate freely. I actually would probably like the pouch to be able to rotate freely in the even that I bend down or need to clip this onto something that isn't horizontal.

I guess they also made it this way so that it prevents the pouch from spinning and either dropping your drink or spilling it.

The Monkey belt clip base is made of plastic with a spring clamp system to clip onto your belt. Squeeze the top of the clip and this opens the clip so that you can slip it over a belt. Let go and it clamps down. The belt clip reminds me of the swivel cellphone clip that clips onto a belt clip and the swivel tab adheres to the back of your cellphone or case.

How does it work?
Simply attach the Spider Monkey base to your belt, insert your water bottle into the Holder, then slide the Holder into the base. The Water Bottle Holder will lock into the Spider Monkey base. Quick-draw your water bottle (using one hand!), by pressing the release tab at the top of the Spider Monkey base to unlock your Water Bottle Holder and lift it out. Instant refreshment.

I tested the bottle holder with various drink sizes that I had on hand and they all fit. Left image is of a Sparkling Ice that is 17 fl. oz. The middle image is a Brisk Ice Tea that is 12 fl. oz can and the right is a Poland Spring water bottle that is 16.9 fl. oz.

The following two bottles are slightly bigger. One is a Poland Spring Sport Bottle and Glaceau Smartwater and both are 23.7 fl. oz. Even though the holder is best suited for up to 20 fl. oz., it held both sports bottle fine but was a tight fit. It definitely requires a two handed operation to insert the bottle.

If you own or plan on purchasing the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag, I know one of the complaints was the lack of space to hold a water bottle. The Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder will go perfect with it since it can now hold a water bottle. As mentioned before, since the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder doesn't rotate freely, the bottle will be angled slightly if mounted to the side strap. The only spot I can find that would hold the clip securely would be on the flap on the side of the bag.

Conclusion : Overall, the Spider Holster Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder is a nice accessory if you're looking for a way to hold our beverage. I would have liked the holder to be able to rotate freely so that it is always vertical regardless of the angle of the clip. Since it is fixed, if you tilt your bag or you bend over, the holder and your drink will also tilt.

Don't expect the holder to keep your drink cold all day but more like 1-2 hours since its not insulated and the top is exposed.

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