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Review: Orangemonkie Foldio2 15" Folding Portable Light Box

Overview : Foldio is the world’s 1st portable studio (Mini studio) with foldable design for a smartphone and DSLR. It is unfolding a whole new level of possibilities in photography.

It is all-in one portable studio (mini studio) which enables everyone to take awesome, studio-quality pictures using a simple setup. Don’t worry about taking high quality pictures for your online shop products anymore. Foldio mini studio will help you to solve the problem.

Features :
  • Magnetic structure. Simple assembly.
  • Foldable design. Carry it anywhere.
  • All-in-one portable studio (mini studio) easy to use.
  • Share your pictures with worldwide Foldio users on Instagram
  • Foldio application which is suitable for the Foldio mini studio (iOS available now)
  • Compatible with other digital camera device
Specifications :
  • All-in one portable studio (Mini studio)
  • Size(opened) : 15” x 15” x 15” (38 x 38 x 38 cm)
  • Size(folded) : 15” x 15” x 1” (38 x 38 x 2.5 cm)
  • Material : White color plastic sheet
  • Device : Smart phone / Tablet PC / DSLR & Compact camera
  • Dual LED strips [54 chips, 162 cells], Daylight 5700k, white
  • Brightness control with dimmer devices
  • Input: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
  • Voltage: 9.5V / 12W
  • Output cable: 1.2m

Quality/Usability : If you're a reviewer like us or a seller whether it's on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or other sites, product images are just as important as the text or description you write. Here at 1KIND Photography, we don't have an elaborate or fancy studio or the space but we do our best. We try and take every angle we possibly can to show you the items since not everyone has the ability to hold one in their hands. We are your eyes.

At the end of 2014, Orangemonkie released their first folding light box called the Foldio on Kickstarter. It measured 10.2". Fast forward one year to the end of 2015 and Orangemonkie released their second Foldio on Kickstarter. This time a 15" called Foldio2 with better LED light setup.

Now that we have the Foldio2 in our hands not only to review, but hopefully we can give a nice background. We'll do our best considering majority of the photography gear we review are huge. I wonder if there's any plans for an even bigger portable light box? JK

The Foldio2 comes in a nice box. Inside this box is the Foldio2, backdrops, (2) LED light strips, AC adapter with Y-cable and international adapter sets and a pouch to hold them.

Inside the cardbox are the LED strips in bubble wrap, AC adapter with Y-cable and international adapters. The Foldio will work in all countries without a problem.

The Foldio2 is made of thin flexible plastic. It reminds of the bins that the USPS Post Offices uses to carry and transport our mail in. However, Orangemonkie warns not to fold it back and forth or you'll damage it.

There's also a plastic handle to make it easier to carry around.

There are magnets on the side of the light box that make it very easy to set up. I also like that when you fold the Foldio back, the magnets attach to prevent the flaps from flapping around.

There is also a strip of plastic with a magnet on each end that helps hold your backdrop in place.

When the Kickstarter campaign started the original plan was for 24 LED chips for a total of 72 LEDs per light strip. A stretch goal was added and if it was surpassed, additional LEDs would be added to the strip. The stretch goal was met and there are a total of 27 chips which means there are 81 LEDs per light strip. The LED put out a daylight 5700K.

The diffuser was also a stretch goal that was added later on in the campaign. That stretch goal was also met and all Foldio2's come with not only the additional LEDs but the diffuser as well.

The dimmer dial that lets you adjust the LED brightness level. With the dial turned all the way down, the LED is turned off.

There are four backdrops that are included: white, black, chroma green and gray. The paper has a soft velvet feel but is not noticeable in the pictures. It also helps reduce glare from the lighting.

If you have your own paper backdrop or fabric, you can use those. You don't have to use the ones they provided but it is nice that they included them.

Before you can start using the Foldio, you first need to attach the included LED light strips. The LED strips has a double-sided tape on the back which makes it easy to stick them onto the Foldio. There's no indicator as to where to exactly place the lights, so its pretty much a guessing game. When installing, make sure you have the AC adapter ports on the same side. There's no right or wrong on which side the ports should be on. It's purely preference. I personally prefer the dial wheels on the right side since I'm right handed.

This is how the Foldio looks when folded down and with the LED light strips installed. There is just enough room for the lights to be tucked inside without causing it to make the Foldio bulge. I'm wondering is there a reason why Orangemonkie does not preinstall the LED strips. Couldn't it be the preference of which side is the dial?

The image on the left shows the brightness with just one LED light strip on at full power. The light that is one is closest to the edge. The image on the right is with both LED light strips on at full power.

Here is a more detailed video on the setup process:

Once everything is installed and connected, it's now time to start taking pictures. Do remember that the size of the light box is 15". Anything that comes near the sides of the light box will be in the image. You would need to use Photoshop or any image editing software and edit the image so that your final image would look seamless. So if you're taking a horizontal (landscape) picture, you may need to crop the edges.

For smaller items, you can take a vertical (portrait) picture and not have to worry so as long the product and backdrop fills in your image without the light box.

Above are a few sample shots that was taken with the Canon G1 X Mark II with the backgrounds that is included. You can use a DSLR, compact camera, tablet or a smartphone.

If you're an Apple user, you can download the Foldio app from the iTunes App Store. Unfortunately, if you're an Android user, there is no app available. From what I have read online from other users was that the Android version has been "coming soon" for a while now but nothing is available.

The app provides a real time Chroma key that will let you change the background on an image, control brightness and color temperature, editing tool (eraser, crop, zoom) and letting you share on Instagram, Facebook and various other channels. I'm an Android user myself, so I am unable to use this app. I know some people use their smartphone as their main camera.

Conclusion : Overall, the Orangemonkie Foldio2 15" Folding Portable Light Box is a must own if you take a lot of photos of products. However, if you're like us who take pictures of large items, the Foldio2 would still be too small. Hopefully, they come out with something a little bigger since the Foldio is compact when folded.

The lack of an Android app is a big bummer.

Manufacturer: Orangemonkie
Site: Buy from Amazon

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