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Indiegogo: Omnicharge Smart & Compact Portable Power Bank

[update headline="QI Wireless, USB-C and EU Plug - 8.12.2016:"]Omnicharge has no added QI wireless charging ($16 extra). You also have the option of USB-C charging instead of using the barrel plug style. And if you haven't been following, they have now added the option of EU socket plug for international backers.[/update]

While browsing the web, we happened to stumble upon a portable power bank called Omnicharge on Indiegogo. Not only does it let you charge your portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and other USB devices but you can also charge AC items as well. If your camera battery is low, you can plug the wall unit charger into the Omnicharge. Have a laptop that needs to be charged? Plug in the AC adapter into the power bank. You can even power lights, fans, curling irons, power tools, portable speakers and more.

Omnicharge is the world's smallest power bank with (1) AC/DC Power Outlet and (2) USB Fast-Charging ports for charging or powering nearly any device. With intelligent charging, it knows what is connected and the optimal charge for each device, so it won't fry your electronics, no matter what type of device you are powering. It comes in two different sizes, 13600mAh (Standard) and 20400mAh (PRO).

Every electronic device requires a different power voltage to charge, and their battery life and efficiency reaches optimal levels when they are charged using the designated voltage.

Omnicharge actively manages outflow and inflow to ensure that both your device and omnicharge are operating safely while displaying power-flow and estimated charge time remaining for each device.

This process is controlled and protected by our patented power management system, making Omnicharge the first Smart Power Bank on the market – a battery with a brain.

The Smart Power Management System also makes it possible for Omnicharge to recharge using "Universal Inputs" (details below), meaning nearly any cable.

Early bird starts at $99 for the Standard and $129 for the PRO. $189 for (2) Standard and $219 for (1) Standard and (1) PRO. And for you power hungry users, you can get (2) PRO for $249. It will begin shipping out in October. You can place your order at Indiegogo.

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