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Review: Peak Design The Everyday Sling Bag 10L

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Overview : The ultimate low-profile, quick-access day bag for light carry and gear minimalists, The Everyday Sling is a redefinition of what a single-shoulder sling bag can be. As a part of the award winning Everyday bag line, The Everyday Sling features unrivaled accessibility to your gear, expandability to match your carry needs, and organization of your gear, no matter what you’re hauling. An uber-clean “no slop” design conceals a multitude of unique features, from lightning-fast strap adjusters, to a side-loading main compartment with origami-inspired FlexFold dividers, to a highly expandable outer pocket and external carry system. Plus, the sling packs flat so you can stuff it inside a larger bag when traveling. Ideal bag for beginning photographers, or pros who want to just carry their essential camera gear.

Features :
  • Streamlined carry
  • Perfect urban companion
  • Flexfold Dividers: configurable, adaptable, removable
  • Perfect for mirrorless and DSLR
  • Theft-deterrent zipper pulls
  • On-body access
  • Briefcase-style carry
  • Compresses down
  • Dedicated Capture attachment point

Quality/Usability : One of the newest additions to Peak Design's Everyday bag line is the Everyday Sling. The other two is the Everyday Backpack (review coming soon) and Everyday Tote (review). Based on the Kickstarter comments, the Sling is the second most popular choice of backers.

The Everyday Sling comes in charcoal or ash. In this review, it will feature the charcoal. If you're interested in knowing what the sling in ash looks like, take a look at our quick overview video from PhotoPlus Expo 2016:

Typically, it takes me a few weeks to review but I've been using this everyday and since this doesn't have too many features, I feel this warrant and early review. So lets begin with our more detailed review and a closer look at the Everyday Sling.

At first glance, the Everyday Sling is a very attractive looking bag. It's minimal but the bag packs a load. Certain features are carried out through the Everyday bag line and if you own the Everyday Messenger 13 or Messenger 15, you'll be able to recognize it.

One thing I would have liked to maybe see was that the bottom of the bag was more leveled. The side of the bag kind of looks like a trapezoid. So when you place the sling on the floor, it'll lean forward. But I guess that's where the front pouch comes into play...

The front pouch can be tightened to be compact thanks to the compression straps or expanded for more room if needed when the strap is loosened. I guess with the front pouch extended, it does make it more sturdy but that's only if you have the pocket filled.

One feature that those familiar with the Everyday bags is the zipper. The zipper is waterproof and will keep water out. Inside this zipper is a large compartment to store your keys, wallet, batteries, etc. There are also two pockets to hold memory cards and other items. This is the pocket that will expand.

The charcoal features red accent while the ash will have blue accents.

Another feature is the axial strap attachment. Rather than your strap being fixed like most bags, the axial strap allows your strap to swivel which makes carrying the bags much more comfortable.

If you own a Peak Design Slide, SlideLite or Summit Edition Strap, this will look familiar. The strap is a dual-adjustment so you can slide it up to loosen the bag for on-body access or slide it down to tighten the bag and cinch it closer to your body.

While you're sliding the buckle down, you'll need to help lift the bag up a little due to gravity and weighing the bag down.

The padded strap isn't anything fancy. It does offer a decent amount of padding; not too thin and not too thick. Out of the bag, the bag is setup for righties. So the bag will hang on your right and the strap will rest on your left shoulder.

Are you a lefty or prefer to have the bag hanging on your left and resting on your right shoulder? Don't worry, the Everyday Sling is ambidextrous. So you'll be able to turn the strap around.

One thing that Peak Design is good at is cleanliness. They like "no slop". That means, you won't find any excess strap webbing dangling. You can actually be able to tuck in any extra webbing into the bag.

As mentioned above, the sling is ambidextrous. If you want to change the orientation of the strap, all you have to do is slide the strap webbing out from the buckle on both ends and re-strap the webbing through the buckles.

The sling has a nice thick and sturdy handle on the back of the bag. This allows you to easily pick up or carry the bag like a briefcase.

One of the major concerns with Kickstarter backers was theft. Peak Design was able to provide a solution while the campaign was still running. How awesome is that? Their theft-deterrent not only blends in with the bag but works very well.

A quick glance at the main zipper looks like a normal loop to help open the zipper. But a simple unlatching reveals the zipper pull theft-deterrent system. Simply loop it through the front zipper and lock it back in place. This will prevent the would-be thief from gaining access to either pockets.

The unlatching and latching of the zipper pull can all be done one handed but you'll notice a tug for those who are unaware of the setup.

All of the Peak Design bags allows you to attach a Capture Clip. On the Everyday Sling, you can attach to Capture Clip on either side of the bag.

When you open the main zipper, the inside of the main flap will have Peak Design's signature design as well as the type of bag and size printed on the pocket as shown below.

Inside this pocket is additional storage. Here, you can carry batteries, memory cards, filters as well as your wallet, money and anything else that may be important.

On the inside of the main compartment along the back, there is a pocket that allows you to store an iPad Pro or a laptop up to 13" such as the Macbook Pro Retina.

Included with the Everyday Sling are two origami-like flexfold dividers. It can act as dividers or if you flip down one of the flaps, they act as a shelf.

The image on the left houses my Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-70L II attached with both dividers sitting back to back with the Canon 50mm f1.4. The middle image shows on the flexfold folded down into a shelf. The image on the right shows the second divider folded down to hold my Slide Strap and my GoPro sitting on top of my 50mm lens.

There's enough room to hold a DSLR camera body with a prime attached and two additional primes or DSLR camera body with a 70-200 lens attached. Unfortunately, the sling will not be able to hold a full frame DSLR with a grip.

Own a mirrorless or compact camera? Even though I have the sling pictured with my full frame DSLR, the sling will be a perfect fit for mirrorless setup as well.

The above image is another setup but with the 50mm lens and GoPro in the same spot. As you can see, the dividers are not sitting back to back. Instead, there is a gap between them. This time, the setup is slightly different. Instead of the camera laying on its side, the camera is now inserted lens first. In the middle, that is where I put the camera strap. I can put another lens in its place if I wanted to.

Not only does the compression strap help tighten down the pocket, but it can also be used to hold an umbrella or event a lightweight tripod. I took the Sling with me to PhotoPlus Expo and it just so happened to rain that day. Once I was inside the convention center, I placed my umbrella as shown and walked around the entire show with free hands.

And what if you're going on vacation and want to bring the Sling with you? You can compress the bag down even more so that you can put it inside your luggage. To compress the Sling down, you'll need to remove or move the divider to the front and/or back of the bag (as shown on the left).

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design The Everyday Sling Bag is one of my most favorite bags. The sling allows me to carry light and carry only what I need. It's comfortable, compact and minimal. This will be the first bag I reach for when I want to carry light.

I'll be taking my daughter to Disneyland for the first time and this will be coming along with us. I'll pack it down and put it into my luggage and take it out when I'm using it on my vacation. I won't have to worry about the bag bumping into other people in crowded areas and I'll only carry what I need.

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