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Luminar – New Photo Editor from Macphun

Luminar is Macphun’s latest editing platform and is perfect for any type of photography – Portrait, Landscape, Street, Architecture. It’s the company’s first try at an all-in-one solution that can go head-to-head with Adobe Lightroom and Apple’s discontinued Aperture programs.

Luminar includes a variety of tools for processing images, including native Raw processing, more than 35 photo filter sets including Photo Filter Emulation and Cross-Processing, presets, layers, brushes and masking, spot healing, noise reduction and ‘personalized darkrooms’ called Workspaces. There's also a sky replacement tool as well as some other more advanced features the software offers.

For a limited time offer, the Macphun Luminar is currently 50% off. It is originally $149 but you can get it for $69. It also includes some extra bonuses:

Bonuses include:
  • “25 Romantic Getaways” e-book - An ebook about the most beautiful places in the world with colorful illustrations and practical photography tips.
  • “Vivid Wonderland” preset pack - 11 custom presets to instantly boost colors and make your photos even more dramatic.
  • Pose like the Pros: Family Photos - Dozens of composition tips & posing ideas, complete with over 125 detailed pictures.
  • Creative Sky Overlays - Over 100 overlays that will allow you to fix a blown out sky and edit in a mood.
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Luminar Key Features
  • Adaptive User Interface
    • Multiple Modes: From basic to advanced
    • One-click switch between modes
    • Change modes anytime
  • All-in-one photo editing tool set
    • Includes essential editing tools for different photography styles
    • Live editing, live processing, live previews
    • Non-destructive editing
    • Works as a standalone app or plug-in
    • RAW converter & processor
    • History Panel
Your questions about Luminar answered:

Is Luminar an alternative to Aperture?

Luminar introduces a wide selection of more powerful and adaptive photo editing tools to fit in with the skills and needs of any type of photographer, alongside an innovation in photo editing software - workspaces, which act as personal digital darkrooms. Currently, Luminar does not have photo asset management features similar to Aperture, but users can plug into Aperture and match up Luminar’s superior editing tools with Aperture’s file library. With updates expected in early 2017, Luminar will soon replace any other photo editor that you currently use.

See how Luminar compares to Aperture and Lightroom.

How does Luminar complement Aurora HDR?

Aurora’s advanced HDR capability and Luminar’s extensive photo-editing options can be seamlessly combined. Aurora is unbeatable for creating stunning HDR images, and Luminar takes mastering these images to the next level with the introduction of even more editing tools including; filter masking on a single layer, a transform tool, an eraser brush for spot and object removal, and clone & stamp capability. From those small extra tweaks to dramatic edits such as sky replacement, Luminar is the ideal tool to finalise Aurora HDR creations.

Find out more about Luminar’s relationship with Aurora.

Does Luminar complement Creative Kit?

Creative Kit is a collection of plug-ins dedicated to specific tasks, whereas Luminar is a universal all-in-one photo editor. Luminar is a combination of the best bits of Creative Kit, all-new capabilities and innovative tools, and a brand new user interface.

Find out more about using Creative Kit and Luminar in your editing workflow here.

Does Luminar support batch processing?

Soon! The current version of Luminar does not have built-in batch processing, but this feature will be introduced in the December update, and will be available for free for all current users of Luminar.

Will there be a Windows version of Luminar?

Currently all Macphun software is Mac-only. However, Macphun have started working on the Windows version of Luminar. The plan is to make Luminar for Windows available late Spring 2017.

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