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Review: Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (2017)

Overview : The most versatile and quick-connecting camera strap in the world, Leash packs thoughtful functionality and endless adaptability into a an ultra-portable package. Configurable as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether, and more. Easily adjust length with dual aluminum and Hypalon quick-adjusters, designed to operated with just 1 finger. Connects and disconnects quickly using our unique Anchor Link system, and stows easily in your pocket or bag.

  • New all-aluminum anodized hardware
  • New low-profile dual aluminum/Hypalon quick-adjustment system
  • Anchor connectors revamped - more secure, fast, and lower profile than ever
    • New canted/angled Anchors for effortless 1-handed connection
    • New thin Anchor cords fit through more camera strap loops/eyelets
    • 25% slimmer Anchor housing hardware
    • Anchors still hold 200+ lbs (90+kg)
  • New low-profile Anchor Mount for varying your strap configuration
  • New ultra-smooth twist-resistant nylon webbing with tighter, more durable weave
  • Premium materials and refined aesthetics for touch/stress points
  • Choose from new Black and Ash color-ways
Additional Features
  • Ultralight, ultra-strong design fits in your pocket
  • Highly stable camera carry via 2 configurable points of connection
  • Quickly convert to 4+ strap configurations
  • Works with all cameras, binoculars
  • Huge range of length adjustment
  • Webbing glides over clothing for quick camera access
  • Connects to strap loops or camera tripod mount
  • Easily stores in a pocket or camera bag

Quality/Usability : So what is different about this Leash 2017 than the previous Leash that we reviewed? A complete redesign and relaunch for 2017.

The product packaging isn't what's redesigned but its the product itself. The Leash is now available in two colors: black and ash. Included with the Leash are four anchor links, anchor mount, tool, Peak Design sticker and a nylon pouch.

The Anchor Mount is a new product and its made from machined aluminum. It mounts directly into your tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. It allows you to attach an anchor to the bottom of your camera. It's small and discreet.

However, it's not a quick release plate. It's simply a mount to attach your anchor to.

The anchor links also have a slight redesign to them as well. They are just as strong as the predecessor but the cords are thinner. This is great because it can not fit through smaller eyelets on smaller cameras.

The pucks are also slightly angled which makes snapping it in place much easier.

Great thing about these anchor links is that it is backwards compatible, so it will work with any Peak Design strap that you currently own and the new Leash will work with your old anchor links.

The Leash has new adjustment hardware. Unlike the old Leash where it had one adjuster, the relaunched Leash has two adjusters.

The seatbelt style nylon webbing is slightly thicker and has a tighter weave which makes gliding smoother and more durable.

The hypalon and aluminum hardware makes adjusting the strap very easy and no hardware dangling. It's really minimal and discreet. You can even adjust the strap with just one finger.

Here is the Leash attached to a Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR. It's mounted to the top left and bottom of the camera. I personally think that the Leash is too thin for a full-frame DSLR. It would go perfect with a lighter camera such as a lighter DSLR, point and shoot, mirrorless camera or binoculars.

The Leash will also go great with other Peak Design products such as the Field PouchRange Pouch or CaptureLENS.

So since the strap is an ash color-way, how does it match up to the ash in the Everyday Backpack, Messenger 13, Messenger 15Sling and Tote? Despite the materials being different, the gray color are close and it's hard to capture it in pictures. The Leash also has more shine to it than the bags.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (2017) is all newly redesigned from the ground up. The new hardware and hypalon pull makes cinching and loosening of the strap really easy. It also helps when the seatbelt nylon material has also improved. The new Leash has two adjusters which is great but I personally only use the one on all my Peak Design straps.

The original Leash was priced at $35.00. So the new strap did have a little price hike.

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