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Deal: FotodioX CraftMaster LenzCoaster Lens Replica Coaster Set

Everyone has seen or own one those Canon look-a-like coffee lens mug. What if you had a coaster to put your mug on them? Well FotodioX recently launched a new line of drink coasters called the LenzCoaster. Each set of 5 coasters stacks to form a look alike 85mm f/1.2L camera lens.

There are hidden magnets inside the coasters to hold them together to form the shape of a lens when it is not in use. On the top and bottom of each coaster is a pad of non-slip silicone to keep not only the drink from moving but the coaster as well.

The LenzCoaster are $24.95 each and is available at Amazon and B&H Photo. The coasters come in three different colors: black on black, red on black and black on white.

Product Description
LenzCoaster Coaster Set from FotodioX is a distinctive accessory for a photography enthusiast. This seemingly innocuous replica of an 85mm lens is composed of five coasters held together by magnets. The coasters can be easily split apart for use, and them brought back together to rebuild the disguise. Silicone pads on the top and bottom of each piece help absorb moisture and keep your drink from sliding.
  • Replica lens separates into five drink coasters
  • Hidden magnets hold the pieces together when not in use
  • Silicone top and bottom prevent drink and coaster from sliding

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