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Kickstarter: MagMod MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing—Revolutionary New Softbox System

Our good friends over at MagMod has returned to Kickstarter today to launch its fourth campaign and probably one of the coolest ones yet! The MagMod team are expanding their product line to now including three new products. If you're not familiar with MagMod, they offer flash modifiers that doesn't require velcro or tape but uses magnets instead. This offers a quick solution to adding and removing modifiers and without the noise. MagMod are very popular amongst portrait and wedding photographers.

MagMod is announcing the MagBox, MagRing and MagShoe. These are some of the most essential tools for a photographer and they're putting a MagMod twist to them. These new products make a softbox system to easiest, fastest, and most versatile.

Currently, the MagShoe, MagRing, MagBox system and accessories are only available through MagMod's Kickstarter campaign, which launched June 26, 2018. For early backers, there are significant discounts for varying bundles, the minimum is $259 to get access to all three products.

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#1: MagBox

Those who have the MagMod modifiers have used the MagSphere as a diffusion tool for flashes and small strobes. One of the many requests from photographers is a larger light modifier. The MagBox is MagMods answer.

There are no internal baffle or bounce, so you'll experience less light loss and even coverage giving and similar and often better results than most softboxes on the market. Included with the MagBox comes a brand new and first-of-its-kind innovation called the FocusDiffuser. The FocusDiffuser controls light like a grid, but also focuses light like a lens—all while keeping it super soft. Inside the FocusDiffuser, micro-structures alter the angle of light in 40 or 20-degree beam angles (different models), softly redirecting light forward and causing less spill.

They have also designed 4 MagBox Speedring Adapters that make it easy-peasy to mount a MagBox to a studio strobe—even with gels attached! You can select between Bowens, Elinchrom, Paul C. Buff or Profoto Speedring Adapter to leverage all of the lighting awesomeness of the MagBox for larger studio lights.

Each MagBox Speedring Adapter is made from powder-coated steel and feels incredibly dialed. Just place the MagBox close to the surface of the Speedring Adapter, and let the MagBox’s magnets snap it into place. And when you’re ready to pack it all up, just engage the “Magnetic Field Disruptor,” and off comes the MagBox! One small step for softboxes, one giant leap for photographers.

#2: MagRing

The second item MagMod has announced is the MagRing. The MagRing is a new dual-mounted flash bracket, equipped with side by side locks to securely hold flashes into place. So no more long rails with two flashes mounted standing up.

With two flashes in the MagRing, you’ve got double the power of a single flash—almost the same amount as a studio strobe—without actually having to lug one around.

The MagRing is so convenient that you’re free to leave your mounted flash or flashes in it even when you don’t need your softbox. No need to waste time ripping apart your whole set up just cause you wanna change locations and modifiers.

Speaking of convenience, the MagRing is compatible with your existing MagMod modifiers. Throw on a MagGrid, MagGel or MagSphere without having to remove your flashes from the MagRing.

#3: MagShoe

Cold-shoes and umbrella brackets are wonky, ugly and hard to work with. You have to deal with small screws and knobs but MagMod wants to make the process and setup as easy as possible. So easy that you can do it blind-folded. The MagShoe modernizes and simplifies the typical cold-shoe design, making the process of mounting flashes easier, faster and much more secure than ever before.

Operating the MagShoe is simple: insert a flash and rotate a switch. There’s no need to spend time tightening down a flash’s tedious, built-in lock. The MagShoe’s durable, custom locking mechanism renders those locks completely unnecessary. The MagShoe’s design works perfectly with the new MagRing. In addition, it includes a built-in hole to accommodate modifiers that use an umbrella shaft.

There's a large squeezable button that allows photographers to adjust the angle of the MagShoe quickly, easily and with precision. Additionally, it was designed to be operated with just one hand, so you can attach it, lock it and adjust it without ever putting your camera down.

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