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Kickstarter: WANDRD VEER 18L Packable Bag with Inflatable Back Panel and Camera Cube

WANDRD has launched other successful Kickstarter campaigns are known for their backpack and other bags and they have returned to Kickstarter to launch a new campaign for their VEER 18L. The packable bag features a inflatable back panel and camera cube.

Typically packable bags lack protection and structure, making them uncomfortable to carry. The VEER 18L solves this by using an inflatable back panel to give the bag some structure and support. The camera cube inflates to protect the camera. Both of these can be deflated, packed down to a very small size and placed inside the bag.

The VEER 18L has 18 liters of volume. The camera cube can hold a Canon 5D body size with a 24-70mm lens attached. Unlike other bags, you're only able to carry what you will be using. You can however carry a bigger camera but the lens will need to be carried separately. The bag is also large enough to hold a drone such as the Mavic Pro. And if you're thirsty, there is a water bottle sleeve on the side to hold a bottle up to 32oz.

The bag is made from 100D water resistant material and all the zippers are weather resistant. The VEER 18L weighs only 383g (12.8oz) and packs down into a very small package, making it ideal for carrying in a bigger bag and use as a day bag.

You can get the VEER 18L with inflatable back panel by pledging $79 on Kickstarter. If you're interested in getting it with camera cube, you can pledge $118. Delivery is scheduled for August 2019.

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