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Review: Peak Design Travel Camera Cubes

Overview : Ultra-protective yet easily accessible, Peak Design Camera Cubes take the pain and hassle out of traveling with photo, video, or drone gear. Designed to mount securely in any Peak Design Travel Bag, Camera Cubes give you custom organization and protection, whether you’re carrying a small mirrorless kit or a full professional creative setup. A range of different protective, low-profile FlexFold dividers give best-in-class customizability. A tear-away main opening has a tuck-away flap for faster access when the cubes are packed in your bag. Medium and Large cubes feature dual side zips, giving you additional access points. Movable pocket for filters, lens caps, and small stuff. A weatherproof recycled 400D nylon canvas shell with high-density foam sub-lining keep your gear safe and sound.

Features :
  • Tear-away main opening with tuck-away flap for fast access
  • Designed to fit perfectly in all Peak Design Travel Bags
  • C-clip mounting system keeps cubes rigidly in place in Peak Design Travel Bags
  • FlexFold dividers give instantly customizable organization and protection, even allowing you to vertically stack items to maximize capacity
  • Floating pocket for storing lens caps, filters, and small items
  • Exterior grab handles for easy carry
  • External loops let you carry the cube with any Peak Design strap (sold separately)
  • Weatherproof 400D 100% recycled nylon canvas shell
  • Beefy #8 zips

Quality/Usability : One of the great things about the Peak Design Travel Camera Cube is that it works great with the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L or as a standalone. When considering which Camera Cube is right for you, you’ll need to think about how much camera gear you want to protect, and also how much other gear you want to be able to carry in the bag.

The Peak Design Camera Cubes comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large and they retail for $49.95, 69.95 and $89.95, respectively. Pictured above is the medium sized camera cube.

Above images are the different setups you can do in the camera cubes. From left to right is the small, medium and large. If you're using the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L, you can use three small camera cubes, one small and one medium or one large camera cube in the backpack. The small and medium combo is great when paired with a Slide strap because once you get to your destination, you can just take the small camera cube with the gear you need and leave everything else behind.

Each camera cube come with C-clips mounting system keeps cube rigidly in place to the Travel Backpack 45L to prevent it from moving. Four C-clips come with the small and medium while the large gets six C-clips. The C-clips slide in and out of the loops easily. What's also great is that the metal tabs are spring loaded.

On the sides of the bags you have loops to attach the C-clips or anchor links if you just want to carry it with the Peak Design Slide Straps. There are external grab handles for easy carry.

On the medium and large, you can access your camera from the side of the camera cubes and is accessible from two sides depending on your setup. There's only one access for the small which is the main flap.

For the flap cover, there a few ways to position it. You can have it closed and when you need it, just unzipper it. If you want quicker access to your gear, you can fold the flap back and underneath the camera cube. So when you open the Travel Backpack, your camera gear is right there. The attention to detail and functionality is one of the finest from Peak Design.

All camera cubes come with dividers and they vary depending on the size of the camera cube. If you're familiar with Peak Design's Everyday Backpack, the origami style divider shelves makes its appearance in the Travel Backpack dividers as well.

New is the floating pocket. This has a mesh pocket to hold lens caps or filters and also features small elastic pockets to store memory cards. You can place this anywhere in the camera cube.

This is how the medium camera cube looks like setup. You have sections for lenses, accessories and other items. The image on the right shows the view of the camera from the side access.

Check out the video below for a video overview of the camera cube. If you want to see more about the C-clips, you can watch the video at the 15:16 mark.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Travel Camera Cubes offers great protection. The origami style dividers are great and offers a lot of different setups. It's nice that if you don't want to carry the camera cube with the Travel Backpack 45L, you can just carry as a standalone with the use of the Sling straps. The C-clips work great and holds the camera cubes in place perfectly.

It's great that Peak Design offers various sizes. Even though the camera cubes are well padded with multiple access, it's not that heavy.

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