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Deal: American Photo Magazine 2-Year Subscription (12 issues) for Free

RewardsCountry offers an American Photo Magazine 2-Year Subscription (12 issues) for free when you fill out this short survey. (The survey also includes writing a 25 word review about a photo frame.) Magazine will ship within 8-10 weeks.

This magazine is for men and women interested in creative photography. It profiles the personalities behind the lens and their contributions to art, history, fashion, journalism, and advertising. American Photo often features reviews of exhibitions and books, readers' photos and requests and picture portfolios and stories on working professionals.

Camera Tips: What is ISO?

ISO is actually a common short name for the International Organization for Standardization. In the 35mm film days when you bought film, you would buy film that was rated as 100, 200, 400, etc. These numbers referred to the films sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is to light. When you wanted to change the ISO, you would change your film roll. As technology advanced, ISO is now a setting you adjust on your camera.

The first thing you have to understand is that ISO is only one third to taking a properly exposed photograph. The other two thirds is aperture and shutter speed; these are one of the most vital elements to get the know-how of in photography world. Each one can be changed individually to allow you to set then to what you think will give you the perfect exposure, or you can let the camera set them for you to what it thinks is the perfect exposure for the conditions it can detect. Aperture allows how much light the lens captures. Boosting the ISO lets you shorten the amount of time it takes the shutter to open and close, making it possible to freeze motion. There are some instances where you may want to lower the ISO and use a longer shutter speed. Landscape photographers sometimes use this technique to smooth the appearance of a waterfall or a river flowing.

ISO can be as low as 100 to as high as 25,600 depending on the camera. Why is high ISO needed? For indoor work, where flash isn't allowed and the light levels are fairly low. The higher you boot your camera's ISO, the more noise you introduce into your images. Digital noise is the same as film grain. Lots of noise is great for artsy shots or for a retro look but you'll want to avoid noise for portraiture, family snap shots or events. For these, you'll want crisp and clean images. To get these crisp and clean images, you should always try and keep your ISO set to the lowest number and use aperture and shutter speed to get the right exposure. If you can’t do that with aperture or shutter speed, move up to the next ISO setting and try again until you get an image you're satisfied with.

You can also find Auto ISO option on most of the latest DSLR’s available on the market today that functions wonderfully in dim light areas. The flexibility this setting offers is that you can set the highest ISO number so that regardless of the ISO increasing on its own based on lighting of the environment, it never goes beyond the set limit.

When you're shopping for a new camera, it's important to not only look at the highest ISO that is possible, but read reviews to see how the camera performs at that setting. Although two cameras can shoot at the same ISO 3200, one cameras sensor may be larger than the other and can capture a clean image through an ISO of 1600 while the other can capture the same image at a lower ISO of 200. Due note that the top level cameras from Nikon or Canon will have better control over noise than the cheaper models.

Press Release: Metz Releases First Hotshoe Flash Unit with Touchscreen Display

German electronic company, Metz, has just announced the new 52 AF-1 Flash Unit. What sets this speedlight apart from the others is that this is the first flash that incorporates a touchscreen panel. Touchscreen is available on cameras for a several years now but seeing it as a non-monitor camera accessories is something new and unique.

Some of the information with this speedlight include a 52 metric guide number at ISO100, TTL capability with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus, rotating and swiveling flash head, and a USB port for firmware updates. The expected price will be $325.

High-tech innovative operation.

Genuine enlightenment for all modern cameras. Thanks to its maximum guide number 52 for ISO 100, the Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1 has more than enough power to cope with any shot – the horizontally swivelling and vertically tilting reflector ensures optimal lighting control. Any subject can be professionally set off to best advantage with the help of the integrated diff user for wide angle shots, and the white reflector card. The fully automatic motorised zoom can adjust lighting angles to precisely suit the focal length of the lens. And even wireless flash – whether in TTL or servo mode – is mastered to perfection by the Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1. Even in low light, the powerful autofocus metering flash can achieve razor-sharp images – and the modelling light makes it possible to evaluate light and shade on the subject prior to shooting. What’s more, it holds its own in terms of ease of operation too. The Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1 is the fi rst compact flash unit in the world to be equipped with an illuminated touchscreen display which can be swivelled through 90° – particularly practical for portrait shots. A free soft ware update is available via the USB interface at any time. The innovative compact flash is available in 5 versions for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic and Pentax.
Continue reading for full press release.

Carry Speed Shows Off MoGoPod - Monopod Stabilizer

While we were reviewing some new Carry Speed straps (DS-PRO, DS-2 and FS-Slim reviews coming soon) that we received, we happened to stumble upon a new product from Carry Speed. Usually with other monopods, the leg has three sections and you have to twist or lock each leg in place to your preferred height. With the MogoPod, it's a unique monopod stabilizer that can automatically telescope to any height with a simple twist lock.

For now, take a look at the video of the MoGoPod.

Continue reading for more information about the MoGoPod. No word on price or release date. We hope to bring you a full review once its released.

Canon and Panasonic halt production in China amid anti-Japan protests

Violent anti-Japan protests across China have prompted Japanese precision equipment maker Canon to suspend operations at 3 factories in the country.

Canon says it will stop production lines on Monday and Tuesday as a precautionary measure.

The 3 affected factories are a laser printer factory in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, a digital camera plant in Zhuhai, also in Guangdong, and a copier plant in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Canon says it will decide when to resume operations there depending on how the protests go.

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic also suspended operations at 3 factories in China through Tuesday after protesters damaged buildings and equipment.

Source: NHK World

Press Release: Canon Announces Three PowerShots, The G15, S110 & SX50

Canon has been busy at Photokina. In addition to the announcement of Canon's new entry-level full frame DSLR EOS 6D, Canon has announced three new PowerShot cameras: PowerShot G15, PowerShot S110 and PowerShot SX50.

The new PowerShot G15, PowerShot S110 and PowerShot SX50 HS digital cameras are expected to be available in October 2012 for an estimated retail price of $499.99, $449.99 and $479.99.

Continue reading for full press release.

Press Release: Canon Announces Entry-Level Full Frame EOS 6D

Today at Photokina, Canon has officially announced the EOS 6D. Price for the body only is $2,099.00 or $2,899.00 which includes the 24-105mm Lens. Both will be available in December 2012. DPreview already posted as preview. For sample images click here, for sample movies click here.

You can preorder the Canon EOS 6D from these authorized dealers:

EOS 6D Body
EOS 6D with 24-105mm Lens
Continue reading for full press release.

Unofficially Announced Canon EOS 6D Official Specs

In a short few hours, Photokina will be under way and Canon will officially announce their new entry-level full frame EOS 6D. There have been leaks of images (and plenty of fakes) as well as leaked specs. But below are the official but unofficially announced specs for the 6D.

We also posted news about Adorama listing the Canon EOS 6D available for preorder but was removed quickly. The 6D will retail for $2,099 and should be available sometime December 2012.

OOPS: Adorama Allows EOS 6D Preorder Early

Canon Rumors reported that Adorama prematurely put up the EOS 6D on their site and actually allowed buyers to place their preorders. The page has since been pulled.

The actual preorder links for the new EOS DSLR will be available after 12AM EST once Canon announces new products at Photokina. It looks like the price will be $2,099.

There are no official specs for the 6D but the following is what have been leaked or rumored:

  • A new 20mp sensor
  • Full Frame
  • 4.5fps
  • ISO Range 100-25600
  • DIGIC5+
  • APS-C Sized body
  • Weathersealed
  • SD Card
  • Built-in Wifi & GPS
  • 11 AF Points, f/2.8 Cross-type in the center.
  • 3″ LCD
  • Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Available December 2012

Camera Tips: Flash Photography

If you have ever taken flash photos (we don't mean with the flash on your camera - we mean flash units that connect to the hotshoe on top of the camera), we all know that the flash needs to recharge before you can take another shot. Of course, if you have a high-end flash with a battery pack, you won't have to worry about it because the refresh rate would be quicker. But if you're using AA batteries, there is something you should know and will help you...

If you've taken flash photos and you've noticed that it takes forever before you take another picture, its because your flash is dumping a lot of power and the battery needs to recharge before the flash can fire again. One of the major reasons why it takes a while to recharge is because your ISO is set to a low number and is dumping a lot of power.

When your ISO is set to a low number, it needs more light to capture the image. The same applies to flash photography. When you use a low ISO, your flash has to output more power in order to expose your image properly. To prevent the high-output, lessen battery usage and be able to shoot flash photography quicker, you will need to increase the ISO. When you increase the ISO on your camera, it does not need as much light meaning your flash will not output as much power. This results in faster recharge and faster flash photography.

We highly suggest getting Sanyo Enloops if you have not already purchased. You can get them at Amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama.

Press Release: Nikon Announces Nikon D600 Full Frame Entry-Level Camera

Today, Nikon has officially announced the new Nikon D600. The D600 is an entry-level full frame camera for photo enthusiasts and will be available at local authorized retailers starting September 18, 2012 for the price of $2,099.95 for camera body only and $2,699.95 for camera body with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR.

The WU-1b is a Wireless Adapter that allows users to connect wirelessly to the camera and will be also available on September 18, 2012 for $59.95. The MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack will be available in late September for $322.00.

Nikon also announced the Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit. When connected to a digital-SLR camera, an Ethernet (wired) network can be used to transfer images from the camera to a computer or FTP server, or to control the camera remotely from a computer. When used with the Wireless Transmitter WT-5 (available separately), the same functions can be performed over a wireless network. For more information about the UT-1, click here.

Below are the prices and places you can purchase the camera from:

B&H Photo
You can view sample images from the Nikon D600 at Nikon Imaging. Continue reading for full press release for the Nikon D600.

Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise Special Offer

Our friends at Think Tank Photo have a special offer for September that might of interest. Should you order one of their popular Urban Disguise® shoulder bags, you can receive one of their Urban Disguise® Attachment Straps or a Shoulder Harness V2.0 for free!

With Think Tank Photo’s completely upgraded and larger Urban Disguise shoulder bags, you can travel in style while still protecting your valuable equipment from prying eyes.

The Urban Disguise V2.0 Series is specifically designed for professional digital SLR equipment, with some models including special laptop compartments. Each model features multiple pockets, YKK lockable zipper sliders, a comfortable, padded shoulder strap, and a seam-sealed rain cover. Specifically:

  • Urban Disguise 35 V2.0 – Carries a 13.3” laptop with a regular size DSLR or a 10” netbook with a pro size DSLR. Also carries a 70-200 f2.8 attached to a DSLR with two to three additional lenses.
  • Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 – Carries regular or pro size DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached and two to four additional lenses.
  • Urban Disguise 50 V2.0 – Carries up to a 15.4” laptop, a regular or pro size DSLR with a standard zoom attached, and two to four additional lenses.
  • Urban Disguise 60 V2.0 – Carries up to a 17” laptop, a regular or pro size DSLR with a standard zoom attached, and three to five additional lenses.
  • Urban Disguise 70 V2.0 – Carries up to two pro size DSLRs with lenses attached in main compartment. Can fit a 70-200 f2.8 attached to a pro size DSLR.

Receive one of these free with your order! The Urban Disguise® Attachment Straps lets you attach Modular, Skin, or Multimedia components to the sides, and a tripod to the bottom, of an Urban Disguise V2.0 shoulder bag. Or, receive a Shoulder Harness V2.0, which converts an Urban Disguise shoulder bag into a backpack.

Deal: Popular Photography, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo for $5/year

DiscountMags has great prices on select photography magazine subscriptions (up to 3 years).
Of note, you can purchase up to 3-year subscriptions at these per-year prices.

Deal: Canon PowerShot G12 and PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Printer For $298

B&H Photo Video offers the Canon PowerShot G12 10-Megapixel Digital Camera in Black, model no. 4342B001, together with PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Printer, model no. 3295B002, for $698. (Add them both to your cart separately.) This $400 mail-in rebate (paid via American Express prepaid card) drops the pair to $298 with free shipping. The camera features a 2.8" LCD, 5x optical zoom, 720p video recording, optical image stabilization, SD/SDHC and MMC card slot, mini HDMI port, USB connectivity, and more. The printer features an 8-color ink system, up to 4800x2400 resolution, up to 13" x 19" borderless prints, image correction, USB connectivity, PictBridge support, and more. Rebate expires September 30.
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