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Camera Tips: Flash Photography

If you have ever taken flash photos (we don't mean with the flash on your camera - we mean flash units that connect to the hotshoe on top of the camera), we all know that the flash needs to recharge before you can take another shot. Of course, if you have a high-end flash with a battery pack, you won't have to worry about it because the refresh rate would be quicker. But if you're using AA batteries, there is something you should know and will help you...

If you've taken flash photos and you've noticed that it takes forever before you take another picture, its because your flash is dumping a lot of power and the battery needs to recharge before the flash can fire again. One of the major reasons why it takes a while to recharge is because your ISO is set to a low number and is dumping a lot of power.

When your ISO is set to a low number, it needs more light to capture the image. The same applies to flash photography. When you use a low ISO, your flash has to output more power in order to expose your image properly. To prevent the high-output, lessen battery usage and be able to shoot flash photography quicker, you will need to increase the ISO. When you increase the ISO on your camera, it does not need as much light meaning your flash will not output as much power. This results in faster recharge and faster flash photography.

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