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Carry Speed Shows Off MoGoPod - Monopod Stabilizer

While we were reviewing some new Carry Speed straps (DS-PRO, DS-2 and FS-Slim reviews coming soon) that we received, we happened to stumble upon a new product from Carry Speed. Usually with other monopods, the leg has three sections and you have to twist or lock each leg in place to your preferred height. With the MogoPod, it's a unique monopod stabilizer that can automatically telescope to any height with a simple twist lock.

For now, take a look at the video of the MoGoPod.

Continue reading for more information about the MoGoPod. No word on price or release date. We hope to bring you a full review once its released.

The new Carry Speed MoGoPod is a unqiue monopod stabilizer that can be used Right Side Up, or Upside Down! It's unique internal steel belt drive system adjusts the MoGoPod quickly to automatically telescope the Mogopod to any height, and locks down with a simple twist lock.

Markings on the Carry Speed MoGoPod allow you to remember your favorite settings, and the foamed handle provides a non-slip grip and comfortable handling.

The top of the MoGoPod platform can accept standard ⅜ inch mount Video Fluid heads and includes a set screw to lock your video head down. Or flip the center screw on the top stage to accept ¼-20 ball heads.

The MoGoPod is also the only Monopod that allows you to use it upside down. Remove the rubber foot to reveal a ¼-20 threaded stud, and re-locate the rubber foot at the top stage. Now the MoGoPod is the perfect quick telescoping pole allowing you new perspectives with your your small cameras, and the large foam padded handle is comfortable to grip.

The MoGoPod can also be upgraded with various accessories, such as our (optional) Tripod foot with swiveling base. We will also be announcing even more accessories to extend the functionality of your MoGoPod soon.

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