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How to Perform a Stress Test on Your Memory Cards

In our previous post, we gave a list of programs that can help recover lost, deleted or corrupt memory cards. All storage devices have a potential of failing and being corrupt. They can fail on you at any time especially on the crucial moments or they won't. It would be hear wrenching to take your pictures of your family or for a client and all of a sudden, you lost them all due to a memory card failure.

But what if there was a way to lower the chances and try to prevent any corrupt data or faulty memory cards before you start taking your pictures or at a big event. Granted, the recovering of images can bring it back but it may not bring back everything or anything at all. At the same time, why give yourself a heart attack or stress?

To try and prevent any corrupt files, you can perform a test on your memory card by downloading any of these programs:
($14.95 - PC only or $24.95 - PC & MAC)

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