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Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

Overview : B-grip EVO by CPTech is the innovative system for carrying a DSLR Camera on your hip. A universal carrying system in which your DSLR does not depend on laces, neck straps or a bag. Made with the highest quality materials EVO guarantees comfort, safety and on the fly availability of your DSLR. This translates into a purely pleasurable photographic experience in every condition of use. The camera is directly connected to the body allowing a freedom of movement and availability which has never been achieved before.

The camera does not swing continuously into the body when you are moving around. Its small form factor makes b-grip EVO unobtrusive and always available for a an unsurpassed ease of use. EVO will accommodate most configurations including flash, Zoom lens and a battery grip. EVO supports a weight up to 17.64 lbs and adapts to the needs of professional and recreational photographers alike.

The b-grip EVO development has been made with several tests and ergonomic studies. The high quality standard is guaranteed by the experience of CPTech, a leading company in the production of plastic injection.

Features :
  • The b-grip EVO has an assortment of new features that make it more convenient and safe than ever before
  • EVO has the addition of extra loops that offer even more stability; an additional belt can be used to secure the bottom of the base to your leg with "Han-Solo" like ease, keeping your camera firmly secured to your body
  • The addition of a removable rubber stopper around thumb screw on the base plate assures that your camera will not come loose from heavy movement and strenuous activity. In addition to rubber stopper EVO offer an additional easy to use safety thumb lock that prevents an accidental base plate release
  • The b-grip's WDS, Weight Discharge System is now further reinforced with a fiberglass loaded techno-polymer for light weight and ultra solid feel of support

Quality/Usability : Not everyone likes straps whether its around the neck or a sling strap like the BlackRapids. Hand straps are convenient but it leaves you with no hands free and forced to put the camera down. We had reviewed the Peak Design Capture Clip System. Although it was a great product, it didn't fair well with gripped and heavy camera setups. If you own a heavy or gripped camera and like the Capture Clip setup, there is another alternative. The CPTech B-Grip EVO's concept is the same but slightly different.

Included with the CPTech B-Grip EVO is a nylon belt, camera belt holder, quick release plate and instruction pamphlet. Unlike its counterpart, the B-Grip EVO is mostly made of durable plastic (fiberglass) ranging from the release plate, holder and buckle on the belt.

The top of the B-Grip has a release lever and a safety lock. These are also plastic. It don't see it breaking during normal usage but it would be nice to have some parts made from something more durable. You can use either the included nylon strap or your own belt to secure the B-Grip. If you're an active photographer, the B-Grip allows you to strap on another smaller belt to attach to your thigh. But if you own a camera with a grip, the B-Grip EVO is your best friend. The added length distributes the weight evenly. It doesn't leave your camera dangling in an awkward way.

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

Below are 4 images. The first set of images are with the included nylon B-Grip belt. The second set of images is with my own leather belt that I usually wear with my jeans. The included nylon belt is thick with plenty of length and of course, it has a plastic buckle/locking mechanism. To lock the strap, just slide the belt in between the buckle and tighten it. Once you get it to the correct tightness, just push the buckle down to lock the belt in place. Once locked, the strap won't move. However, since its plastic and with a simple pull, the strap can loosen. It would be nice to include a better buckle or a locking mechanism to prevent accidental unclipping.

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder
Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

As you can see from the pictures, even with all the weight of the camera being pushed down, the B-Grip keeps the camera perpendicular with my leg. With a gripped camera, your camera still sticks out from your body. With a flash attached to the camera will make it stick out even further. I highly suggest not using this setup if you're going to be in an area where there will be a lot of people. Even with my own belt, the camera does not pull my belt or pants down. But with added size, there will be some downsides such as trying to sit. It will get a little uncomfortable and may get in the way.

The top of the release plate has a rubber surface to prevent any friction and vibration. To mount the release plate to your camera, you'll need to remove the red stopper. Once removed, screw the release plate to the tripod socket of your camera/grip. A coin is required to tighten the mounting screw. Once the plate is securely in place, place the red stopper back onto the bottom of the release. This stopper will prevent the mounting screw for accidentally unscrewing itself.

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

Here is also a video on how to install the B-Grip:

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

Not only does the mount attach to the belt clip holder, it also has an integrated flip-out stand. The stand is very sturdy and great if you need to put your camera down. As you can see from the pictures below, even for a gripped camera, the stand keeps the camera up. Unfortunately, I do not have a 70-200mm to test how well it keeps your camera up but I don't think it will have any problems.

Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder Review: CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder

The quick release plate is also compatible with certain ball heads and tripods. Click HERE for a list of compatibilities.

Conclusion : Overall, the CPTech B-Grip EVO Camera Belt Clip Holder is an alternative to neck/sling straps and hand straps. The B-Grip works great with gripped cameras. The added length and WDS (Weight Discharge System) is a great feature. I like that the quick release is multi-functional. Its a quick release, stand and works with tripods. The lightweight material is great as it does not add additional weight but it would of been nice if the release lever and safety lock wasn't made of plastic. I would also like to see a better buckle for the belt as it can unclip easily if it gets caught on something. With the added size, it would be a little hard to sit.

If you're the type of person that doesn't like or want anything hanging from their hips, CPTech also has a Travel Kit that allows you to strap the B-Grip holder to the strap of your backpack.

Manufacturer: CPTech
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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