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Luma Labs is Back with a New Shoulder Sling Strap - Cinch

Back in November, we posted that Luma Labs posted an open letter on their website that they were halting all sales of their Loop and LoopIt straps due to a company having the rights to a "camera sling strap".

But Luma Labs wasn't down and out. They had been working on a new camera strap concept the past 6 months at the time and with the patent issue, this was perfect timing. Their newest strap to hit the market is the Cinch. Here is what is stated on their site:
The Big Idea
Every camera strap and sling on the market comes with tradeoffs. Regular neck straps are convenient and secure, but aren’t comfortable all day. Slings are comfortable and fast, but sacrifice stability which can result in your camera bouncing about. As we watched photographers use straps and slings—including our own—we wondered if we could reset the balance of stability and comfort by introducing flexibility and versatility into the equation.

We went to the drawing board with one goal: Make a camera strap that lets you easily change how you carry your camera on-the-fly. Make one that allows you to snug your camera against your back so that you can move actively without it bouncing about, then easily transition to letting it comfortably rest at your side, ready to slide up to your eye in an instant. A strap that you can hang around your neck for a couple of minutes while you change lenses and which can hug your camera to your chest while sitting down. And to do all that while using proven connections that are compatible with tripod quick release plates.

The result is Cinch. It’s like no other strap out there.

Cinch features is a soft, stretchy and strong neoprene shoulder pad. Our unique CZZ (Center ZigZag) construction allows Cinch to conform to any curve and distribute weight. Other shoulder pads attain comfort by being curved around a specific portion of your body; Cinch’s pad is comfortable at any position and with no need to center it on your neck or shoulder. It’s rolled edges make it comfortable against your neck. It’s comfortable on bare skin. You’ve got to feel it to be believe it.

Cinch carries your camera in a different way than traditional straps or slings. It attaches to a top bracket—left or right, Cinch is ambidextrous—and the tripod socket. The result is that your camera in a “down and in” position that hugs your body and keeps your camera stable. It uses the same proven and reliable 10mm webbing connections you’re used to using from other straps and the low-profile CinchMount socket adapter (one is included with every Cinch) fastens securely and won’t twist loose. No fiddly carabiners or fussy connectors.

Have a tripod quick-release plate? Many have strap mount points that Cinch can connect to directly. If you have a plate that doesn’t have a strap mount point, such as Manfrotto plates, we’ll have you covered with a solution in a few weeks.

Flexibility and Versatility
The breakthrough in Cinch’s design is its friction-based pull-tab adjuster on the front. It’s so important we laser engrave our name on it. You can grab the tab and instantly tighten and loosen Cinch on-the-fly. Want your camera close while you walk through a crowd? Grab the tab and tighten it a bit. Need to be ready for a quick shot? Loosen Cinch and it's as quick as a sling. Going out for a hike? Pull the tab and rotate the camera to your back where it will stay glued to you while scrambling over rocks. Want to tighten Cinch down to provide stability for long shots? You can do that too, as we found out from watching our testers.

Easy Sizing and Fit

We know that photographers come in all shapes and sizes. So we make Cinch in three sizes. If you wear an adult M, L, or XL shirt, you should get our regular Cinch. If you’re on the petite side, you should get a Small Cinch. If you wear XL or larger shirts, then get a Big Cinch. But don’t stress out too much about your choice. Thanks to its flexible nature and the fact that we’ve given the sizes a considerable amount of overlap in adjustment, you’ll certainly make the right choice right off the bat.

Once you have it in hand, fitting Cinch is easy. Just put your Cinch over your shoulder, loosen the pull tab adjuster and the use the rear metal adjuster until your camera is positioned just right. If needed, you can also tighten or loosen the 10mm webbing that connects to your camera to adjust things to perfection. Once set up, the front pull tab adjuster gives you just the right amount of on-the-fly adjustments to keep up with any day of photography.


Cinch is like no other camera strap available today and we've never built any of our products like anyone else. Cinch's shoulder pad is reenforced with mil-spec mechanical stretch webbing and easily holds over 250lbs. Edges are all finished with die-cut, full grain American leather. The polymer camera connectors and webbing are all the same kind that NASA specifies and flies. Our metal hardware is all CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum. For the geeks out there, it’s 6061-T6 that’s been Type II anodized. CinchMount is black-oxide finished ordinance steel.

We don’t skimp on anything. It’s simply not in our nature. Even the smallest of details has been lovingly designed for maximum utility and enjoyment.

One more thing we should mention: Each and every Cinch is crafted in our hometown of Portland, Oregon USA.
If you're interested in more information or want to purchase the Cinch, visit Luma Labs website. Do note that although they are accepting orders, they won't ship until late January 2012.

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