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Review: Camtrol TROL 4.2 Inch Camera Articulating Arm with Miniclamp

Overview : Camtrol allows versatility with the addition of TROL: a 4.2” camera articulating arm with miniclamp. Easylink connectors for attaching: monitors, remotes, lights, clamps and accessories.

Features :
  • Connect monitors, remotes, lights and other accessories

Quality/Usability : Articulating arms allows you to attach monitors, remotes, lights, digital audio recording devices and other accessories. If you're doing video, the hot shoe mount on top of the camera will not be enough especially if you need to mount a combination of LCD monitor, LED light and microphone.

The Camtrol TROL is a 4.2 inch articulating arm with miniclamp. It comes with the articulating arm, miniclamp, thumbscrew and cold shoe adapter. The one I received has a F&V logo on it. It also has a handle rather than a knob that is shown on Camtrol's website.

There are three jointed arms that offers a wide range of motion. A single-point lock handle allows you to easily secure the position of the arm in place.

This arm can be mounted either on top of a camera in a standard cold shoe adapter or the cold shoe adapter can be removed revealing a 1/4"-20 male thread.

The mini clamp looks like the Manfrotto Nano Clamp but there is no markings of it being Manfrotto. However, it does a good job of clamping onto the receiver post on the Camtrol Prime 22 or Camtrol Sniper 1080 KS.

Conclusion : Overall, the Camtrol TROL 4.2 Inch Camera Articulating Arm with Miniclamp holds up very well to whatever accessory you may put onto the TROL. No cheap parts so you don't have to worry about it breaking on you. You can also use the TROL on other poles if needed which makes it versatile if needed.

Manufacturer: Camtrol
Site: Buy from Camtrol

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