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Review: FLM SRB-60 Quick Release Clamp

Overview : The FLM SRB-60 60mm Clamp Style Quick Release Base can be attached to a 3/8" screw using threadlock adhesive. It has a small stud which prevents the plate from sliding when partially unlocked. This base is suitable for FLM and other Arca-compatible camera plates.

Features :
  • Arca-Style Compatible
  • Safety Pin
  • Bubble Level
Technical Specifications Base:
  • Bottom thread (inch): 3/8 = 0.95cm
  • Dimensions (mm): 60 diameter x 15 height
  • Weight (g): 93
  • Max. load (kg): 45

Quality/Usability : Sometimes the quick release plate that comes with your ball head isn't good enough or you want something that is quicker and easier. The SRB-60 came with the review sample of the CB-48FTR that I received and wanted to give its own separate review.

SRB-60 FLM Simple Release Base is the easiest solution for locking camera plates securely in place with the proven clamp technology to lock camera plates.

A locking pin ensures that when used with the FLM QRP camera plate, it cannot easily slip out of the base when opening. Although this is a great safety feature, to me it was a pain. Not only is the locking pin preventing me from sliding the camera out, I had to turn the knob enough where I can actually lift the camera out.

The SRB-60 is equipped with an integrated bubble level to make the horizontal alignment of the camera easier and in addition to this it is fitted with a 3/8” bottom thread for attaching to the tripod centreball head.

With the UniQ/C standardization incorporated in the SRB Base, this allows for compatibility of the base camera plates by other manufacturers.

When the SRB is used in conjuction with the QRP-50 (Quick Release Plate), the plate can be displaced by 25mm on the base and with the QRP-70 by 40mm, if you choose.

Attaching Plate to Base :
  1. Attach the camera with the QRP-50 or 70 Plate to the rear guide.
  2. One 'click' downward and the camera is secured, but may still be displaced.
  3. So, by briefly turning the locking lever, the plate (with camera attached) is immobilized in the desired position.
Our SRB-60 was attached to the FLM CB-48FTR Professional Ball Head.

Conclusion : Overall, the FLM SRB-60 Quick Release Clamp worked great and supported a gripped Canon 5D Mark III and EF 24-70mm f2.8L II. When used with the QRP-70 plate, if you loosened the clamp enough, it allows you to slide your camera but prevented your camera from falling off. But it required a lot of loosening of the knob in order to release your camera from the clamp. I can maybe understand its a safety feature but you can't slide your camera off because it's being blocked and you'll have to turn the knob more just to release your camera. To some users, they may prefer this but this is something I'm not use to with other plates and clamps.

Manufacturer: FLM
Site: Buy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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