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Deal: MAXOAK 36,000mAh Power Bank for Apple Laptop MacBook Pro Air

The MAXOAK 36,000mAh High Capacity battery is a beast of a battery pack. This one specifically comes with two different MagSafe power cables to give you extra run time on your MacBook Air or even the late 2014 MacBook Pro Retina.

If you travel a lot or just so happen to not be near an outlet, this provides extra battery life. The MAXOAK 133Wh Power Bank 16.8V (3.5A) and 14.8V (3.5A) output along with two USB ports (2.1A) for charging other devices like your tablets, phones, etc.

It compatibles with Apple laptops but not limit to:

Apple MacBook Air Series:
MacBook Air 13-inch 13.3" Early 2014 Mid 2013 Mid 2012 A1466 Mid 2011 Late 2010 A1369 Mid 2009
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch 11.6" Early 2014 Mid 2013 Mid 2012 A1465 Mid 2011 Late 2010 A1370, etc.

Apple MacBook Pro Series:
MacBook Pro 13-inch 13.3" Mid 2014 Late 2013 Retina A1502 Early 2013 Late 2012Retina A1425 Mid 2012 Late 2011 Early 2011 Mid 2010 Mid 2009 Aluminum Unibody A1278, etc.
MacBook Pro 15-inch 15.4" Mid 2014 Late 2013 Early 2013 Late 2012 Mid 2012 Retina A1398 Mid 2012 Late 2011 Early 2011 Mid 2010 Mid 2009 Early 2009 Late 2008 Early 2008 Aluminum Unibody A1286

MacBook Series:
Apple MacBook 13"-inch 13.3" Mid 2010 Late 2009 Mid 2009 Early 2009 Late 2008
MacBook 13"-inch 13.3" Late 2008 Early 2008

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Macbooks using USB Type-C connectors or 17" Macbooks.

This can be purchased from Amazon and sells for about $136.

If you're a PC owner that has a Sony, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, IBM, etc., you can take a look at their 50,000mAh power back on Amazon.

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