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Review: Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Camera Sling Strap

Review Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Camera Sling Strap

Overview : Slide™ is the most versatile professional camera sling strap in the world. Wearable as a sling, neck or shoulder strap, Slide™ is made of 45mm tubular seatbelt-style webbing with internal padding. Slide™ has aluminum quick-adjusters and our patent-pending Anchor Link™ quick-connectors. Comes with 4 Anchors and 1 Standard Plate for attachment.

Choose from the following styles, which were chosen by Peak Design customers/fans and Kickstarter backers:
  • Tallac: Keep Tahoe Blue. Inspired by Mount Tallac in South Lake Tahoe, this color pallet mixes a classic navy strap with silver anodized hardware and dark caramel leather accents.
  • Lassen: Liquid hot magma. Lassen Peak is one of two volcanoes that erupted in the continental US in the 20th century - the other is Mount St. Helens. Lassen features a red strap and heritage tan leather accents.
Both of these straps feature the same features and specs as the classic black Slide strap:

Features :
  • Works with any camera: attaches to any camera's strap loops or tripod socket using included ARCA-compatible tripod plate.
  • Ultra versatile: wearable as a sling strap, shoulder strap or neck strap.
  • Quick-connecting: attach and detach with one hand using our patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system.
  • Grip or no grip: smooth on one side and grippy on the other, and instantly reversible depending on your preference.
  • Ridiculously comfy: Internally-padded webbing is low-profile and comfortable even with the heaviest of pro cameras.
  • Tripod compatible: compatible with most ARCA-type tripod heads.
  • Quick-adjusting: quickly adjustable with durable aluminum quick-adjusters.
  • Super strong: strong enough to hold the heaviest of pro cameras/lenses/accessories.
  • Use with Capture®: works stand-alone or with the Capture® Camera Clip.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts

Quality/Usability : I'm not going to go into all the details and features of the Slide Summit Edition strap. Take a look at our full review of the original black Slide strap.

Peak Design took a vote to see what other colors people would like to see the Slide strap come in. The votes have been tallied and the images/colors you see is the results from the voting.

So if I'm not going to do a full review, what will I be talking about or showing? Good question. I'll be giving you an up-close look of the new Slide Summit Edition and for you to decide which to purchase.

The same item that is included with the black is also included with the Summit Edition; Slide strap, standard plate, hex tool, two anchor disks, two additional spare anchor disks, a pouch and quick start guide.

The design has not changed one bit with the exception of color that were voted by Peak Design customers/fans and Kickstarter backers: Tallac (navy strap with heritage tan) or Lassen (red strap with heritage tan leather). It still looks the same where one side the of strap has grip and the other does not.

I personally prefer the Lassen only because it's red and can match my Canon L lenses. Lol.

The Summit Edition still has the tubular seatbelt-style webbing. This allows for padding to be inserted into the tubular webbing but still give it that look that it looks like a complete strap.

The strap also maintains smooth on one side and grippy on the other. So depending on your preference, you can choose which one will suit your needs and shooting situation.

The lever handle which allows you to cinch the camera strap is the same design where it allows you to grab the handle to have the camera closer to your body or loosened.

Rather than black Hypalon with red stitching that is found on the standard black strap, the Tallac and Lassen comes in a heritage tan leather with red stitching. Looking at the picture of the Tallac, it would of been nice if the stitching was blue to match the strap itself.

The anchor link and anchor disks are pretty much a standard piece for all Peak Design products. They were first introduced with the Cuff Wrist Strap and Leash Camera Strap.

To attach the anchor points:
A. Insert the anchor cord through the the loop at the bottom of your camera (grip) or quick release plate that is used for straps.
B. Create a loop with the anchor cord and bring the anchor disc through it.
C. Pull the anchor disc tight. The knot you created is called a cow hitch.
D. Attach the Clutch to the anchor by sliding the anchor disc into the housing in the direction shown.
E. When fully inserted, you’ll hear a “click.” The anchor is now locked in. To disconnect, press down on the anchor disc with your thumb and push the anchor out in the direction of the arrow.

The standard plate is the quick-release plate that comes with the standard Capture® Camera Clip. It's compatible with most ARCA-type tripods and fits in Capture® in 4 directions. It is made of die-cast/powder coated construction. Using the standard plate is optional but it's nice that they included it.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design Slide Summit Edition Camera Sling Strap is the same as the original Slide strap and is still one of the best camera sling straps I have ever used. For one of the best straps on the market, you now have more color options to choose from at a slightly higher premium.

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