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Kickstarter: KUVRD Universal Lens Cap for DSLR Camera Lens

We love Kickstarter and IndieGogo because we get to see what new, innovative products are available for photographers. Typically, the products launched on these crowdfunding sites aren't from your typical photography manufacturers but from small startup companies. KUVRD is one of them and they just launched one of the coolest universal lens cap solution. The lens cap will fit every lens with a diameter between 60mm and 150mm. It will cover most non-super telephoto lenses, as well as pretty much every lens mount.

The lens cap not only protects the front element but the rear element too. It's a one size fits all. Unlike the plastic lens caps, since it is made of rubber, it protects your lenses from drops as the rubber provides some added protection. Not only does it offer drop protection, it also protects your lens from dust, dirt and water.

The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap starts off at $30 for one, $45 for two and $60 for three. If you back the project and share to social media, they'll throw in an extra ULC for free.

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