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Press Release: Hollyland LARK 150 - Clip-On Wireless Microphone System

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 3, 2020 -- Hollyland Technology has been doing pretty well with their series of budget wireless video transmission and wireless intercom systems. But with their alleged purpose to better serve the filmmaking industry, they are stepping into the professional audio world with their very first wireless microphone system - LARK 150. At this point, some may have doubt since Hollyland has got their expertise in wireless video transmitters, and moving towards the audio industry is a big step. Does Hollyland have the talent and ability to create what the customers need? The answer is, of course, YES.

Hollyland has been long involved in the audio industry with their wireless video transmission and wireless intercom systems. All their wireless video transmitters transmit both video and audio, while wireless intercoms are all about audio. So, it is actually not so surprising to see them coming up with a wireless microphone system.

Now, let's take a closer look at this newly released ultra-compact clip-on wireless microphone.

The LARK 150 is the first 2.4GHz digital wireless microphone system in the Hollyland microphone product line. It's equipped with highly-sensitive omnidirectional microphones for the best audio performance. The DSP method ensures a noise-free audio transmission by filtering low-frequency environmental noises. It reduces post-stage noise cancellation processing and improves the efficiency of content output. The tiny and super-light transmitter is well designed so it can easily be clipped-on to your collar or used with the included lavalier microphone, basically anywhere you'd like to attach it to. The charging case provides portability and convenience to this microphone system. Besides that, it charges the whole system about 2.5 times in addition to the 4.5 hour battery life on the transmitter and 7.5 hour life on the receiver. It auto pairs the transmitters and the receiver, serves as the storage box and the platform to upgrade the whole system. It has 100m transmission, two-way mute, safety track audio mode, real-time audio monitoring, and so many more user-friendly features make the system a perfect wireless microphone solution for different types of content creation.

Hollyland technology aims high with their LARK 150, even though it is the first wireless microphone system they pushed out to the market. To ensure high-precision sound pickup and the system's professional sound quality, the LARK 150 is built with different technical methods and applications, such as DSP (Digital Signal Processor) intelligent noise cancellation, an anti-vibration sound chamber design, ultra-wide frequency response, ultra-high SNR(Signal To Noise Ratio), plus built-in highly-sensitive omnidirectional microphones on the transmitters and more.

The LARK 150 has less than 5ms, ultra-low latency and 100m stable wireless audio transmission. The stability of the system is ensured by the power-on smart frequency selection feature so it automatically chooses the best channel when powering it on, and the 8,000 times per second Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio signals transmitting method to intelligently avoid interference on set.

The LARK 150's transmitter is currently the world's smallest and lightest (37*37*17.5mm, 21g). You can basically just throw the system into any travel kit bag with the convenient and portable charging case that functions like an Apple EarPods case, for easy charging, auto-pairing, upgrading, and storage for the whole wireless microphone system.

Just like any other microphone system, The LARK 150 is a stereophonic microphone system with standard Mono Track and Stereo Track options. Making it handier, Hollyland added the audio-pop preventive Safety Track as a third option.

The safety track is dual-channel audio designed for post audio processing to handle microphone popping. The left channel is mixed audio from both transmitters while the right channel is the same mixed audio at -6db.

The versatile standard package of the LARK 150 is comprised of two transmitters and one receiver plus a lavalier microphone, a TRS cable, a 3.5mm user-friendly windshield, a Type-C to Type-A cable, and a storage bag. It literally includes all the details you would ask for in a wireless microphone.

All the above mentioned features plus other little user-friendly touches of the system make it the perfect microphone for vlogging, YouTubing, interviews, on-stage talk shows, commercials, live streaming, and other types of content creation. This is because both the transmitter and the receiver have mute control access to effectively manage the audio being recorded, a 3.5mm TRS audio output plus an additional 3.5mm headphone jack for audio monitoring on the receiver, an HD OLED screen for device status display, etc.

The official MSRP of The LARK 150 is $329. You can purchase from Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama and eBay.

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