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Press Release: Peak Design Mobile Accessory Ecosystem Launching with iPhone 13 Pre-order

Our good friends over at Peak Design are officially launching their Mobile accessories alongside iPhone 13's pre-order. Mobile by Peak Design was first available through Kickstarter. With the campaign officially over, Peak Design is making it available for public ordering through their website

Take a look at our quick overview of Mobile by Peak Design. *These are pre-production units and will vary slightly from the retail versions.

Continue reading for the full press release.

Peak Design Offers its Mobile Accessory Ecosystem in Coordination with iPhone 13 Pre-order
An innovative connection system unites beautifully designed cases, mounts and accessories
San Francisco, CA (September 24, 2021) – After a year of anticipation, Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry solutions, returns with the full production release of its revolutionary ecosystem of beautifully designed mobile cases, mounts and accessories. Originally launched in October 2020 as part of Peak Design’s milestone 10th Kickstarter, Mobile by Peak Design underwent a year of engineering updates and user testing. Mobile delivers robust compatibility with Apple’s MagSafe technology and keeps its promise of making your phone a more capable tool for commuting, cycling, photography, filmmaking, work, home and more.
Prior to the release of Mobile by Peak Design, phone mounting ecosystems forced consumers to make serious usability tradeoffs: bulky cases, cumbersome attachment systems, unattractive mounts, and incompatibility with MagSafe. Peak Design addressed this with a groundbreaking technology called SlimLink. It's a magnetic/mechanical phone attachment system that's ultra-slim, ultra-strong, and so fast and easy to use that beta testers described it as "magical." “I founded this company because I loved my camera, but it was a pain to lug around," commented Peter Dering, Peak Design Founder and CEO. "Ten years later, my phone is my camera. It’s also my communicator, map, and entertainment, but the times I need it most are the times when it's least accessible and most vulnerable. We made Mobile not because we want to use our phones more, but because we want to worry about them less."
The consumer starting point for Peak Design’s mobile accessory ecosystem is the Everyday Case, a protective yet slim phone case wrapped in Peak Design's proprietary nylon canvas fabric and surrounded by a 360-degree shock-absorbing TPU bumper. The case—available for iPhone (including iPhone 13) and Samsung Galaxy S21 devices—supports wireless charging, compatibility with MagSafe accessories, and strikes an ideal balance between ruggedness, protection, and refined aesthetics. A slim, adhesive-backed Universal Adapter is also available that works with nearly any hard or non-textured 3rd party phone case. Peak Design intends to support additional phone models in the months and years to come.
To complete the ecosystem, Peak Design has launched a wide array of instantly-swappable accessories, including mounts for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, home/office, two mobile wallets, and accessories for photographers and filmmakers. Each accessory was developed by a team of engineers over the course of 3 years and designed to outperform leading competitors in ease-of-use, form factor, ruggedness, aesthetics. Many accessories also work directly with MagSafe phones and 3rd party cases. All accessories are built from premium materials, guaranteed for life, and are 100% carbon neutral.
Peak Design will launch its mobile ecosystem on September 24, 2021, offering purchase options for all models of the Everyday Case (iPhone 11, 12, 13 + Samsung Galaxy S21) as well as all accessories and mounts. For more information regarding Mobile by Peak Design, please visit:
About Peak Design
Since 2010, Peak Design has been building innovative carry solutions with a simple overarching design directive: make the best things. The idea for our first product was born on a motorcycle trip through Southeast Asia and has since expanded to include a cross-functional ecosystem of bags, pouches, slings, straps, tripods, and mobile accessories. We’ve won applause along the way, but we’re most proud of the fact that we’re 100% crowdfunded, 100% employee-owned, and co-founders of Climate Neutral. We’ve raised $32.4 Million through 9 Kickstarter campaigns to become the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company. This allows Peak Design to stay investor-free and focused on the things that matter most: designing great products, fostering happy employees, and taking care of our customers and the natural environment. Learn more at

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