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Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

Overview : Do you worry about your camera screen being susceptible to significant scratches or breakage? The best way to shield your camera screen from scratches and breakage is to get a screen protector. Specially designed for your camera, this GGS DSLR LCD Screen Protector gives your device maximum protection and makes your camera screen clear and pristine after continuous use. It is anti-glare and anti-dust, and anti-scratch. The feel of the screen with the protector on it, is as good as the raw screen without affecting the sensitivity of your camera screen.

Features :
  • It uses a 0.5mm ultrathin optical glass with at least 90% transmittance. The image is displayed in focus when applied
  • With special treatment, its hardness and durability is close to or as high as mohs scale 8H, preventing the LCD screen from being rubbed and scraped
  • With the explosion-proof film, it will not damage the LCD screen from being impacted
  • Except the round framing eyepiece, we have added anti-fog eyepiece so that it can combine the function with anti-fog and anti-dust
  • The frame design of black ABS can match well with the camera
  • With the connection of push-pull type or bayonet fixing, it is easy to install and remove
  • It can avoid the erosion of the sweat, oil, acid and alkali element to lengthen the life of your LCD screen
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-scratch, anti-dust, anti-collision, moisture-proof, UV protection

Quality/Usability : I'm always cautious and always "baby" my gear. Some people aren't and some people are. I actually purchased a GGS III LCD Screen Protector for my Nikon D7000 but never had a chance to review it because I ended up selling my D7000 with the GGS included. But now that I went and purchased a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, I also went and got a GGS screen protector for my new toy.

Why would I buy the GGS when Nikon cameras usually come with its own screen protector? Although those screen protectors protect the screen, its not scratch resistant. After awhile, it becomes filled with scratches and its hard to see the display. With other cameras, some may not include a screen protector such as Canon. Granted, the screen may be made of some type of scratch resistant glass but you can never be too cautious. Better to be safe than sorry. It also helps with resale value. Buyers love mint condition items. It shows how careful you are with your gear and how well you maintain them.

Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

The cheaper version of the GGS is just a piece of glass that is applied to the top of the screen with sticky residue. It also includes a screen protector for the top LCD display. The new GGS is an all-in-one piece and slides over the viewfinder and covers the LCD display. Unfortunately, it does not come with a screen protector for the top LCD. It would be nice to include one for those who would like to apply one.

Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

Both the LCD and viewfinder screen are crystal clear. Since its crystal clear, it can give off a bit of a glare but not to the point where you're unable to view the screen. Underneath the screen is felt lining to prevent any dust or particles getting underneath the GGS protector. But once in a while, you'll get a few sneaky ones getting underneath. If you do get some, just lift up the protector, blow/wipe off the particles and reinsert the protector. The felt lining also prevents scratches to the screen.

Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

Instructions on how to install GGS III LCD Screen Protector:
  1. Slide off the rubber eyepiece from the camera.
  2. Slide the GGS Screen Protector onto the viewfinder grooves.
  3. Refit the rubber eyepiece onto the GGS Screen Protector.
  4. Done.
Once the screen protector is placed on, this is how it will look:

Review: GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector

For the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the GGS screen protector covers part of the blue printer icon at the top left and a little bit of the Canon logo at the bottom. So as long it does not get in the way of me pressing buttons, that is fine with me. There was also no wiggling once it's placed on. If there is any, it's minimal.

Conclusion : Overall, the GGS III DSLR Glass LCD Screen Protector is a great affordable accessory. Some will hate it, some will love it. But if you treasure your gear and resale value, you may want to look into this. Fitment is great, covers the screen perfectly and blends in well with the camera. It doesn't get in the way of any of the buttons or dials on the back of the camera.

B&H Photo and Adorama carries the same type of product but its under the Vello and Flash Point brand, respectively.

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