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Press Release: FocusMaker - Making Sharp DSLR Video in a Simple Way

Pretty much it's a standard now to include video capabilities into a camera whether its a point-and-shoot or a DSLR. For DSLR, it's becoming more popular because not only can you take video but you can take pictures. Commercials and even movies are recorded with DSLR cameras. But how do they get that smooth focusing? They usually have an attachment touching the focus ring. Of course, using your hand/fingers will cause the camera to shake and that slight jerkiness in focusing.

FocusMaker's - follow focus benefits include:
  • Simplicity — It attaches and removes in a snap. No need for heavy rigs or other gear
  • Control — Easy to manage from behind the camera with a clear and accurate view
  • Precise — Connects directly to your lens - no gears or coupling - highly accurate end stops
  • Portable — Ultra lightweight, bring it anywhere
  • Independence — No crew or gear needed - go by yourself
  • Affordable — The most affordable tool to achieve highly accurate repeatable rack focus
  • Flexibility — It fits just about any DSLR lens on any camera

We will have a full review when we have received our FocusMaker and have some time to play with it. In the mean time, continue reading for a full press release and sample videos.

FocusMaker™ - Making sharp DSLR video in a simple way

Introducing a new generation of DSLR follow focus that allows you to record commercial-quality video in a sharp, smooth and simple way. The affordable and lightweight FocusMaker™ transforms complex focus shifts into an easy, straightforward process by taking advantage of lens depth-of-field (DOF) and offering pinpoint focusing accuracy while recording.

FocusMaker™ - created by serious videographers and passionate specialists who, like you, have grown frustrated at the lack of an easy-to-use and affordable follow focus system that caters to their needs.

“FocusMaker™ is designed to fit the needs of everyone from serious amateurs to professional users of DSLR cameras who want the ability to pinpoint focus in a simple way when shooting,” says Nikolaj Bestle, inventor of FocusMaker™. “It offers a versatile and easy way to adjust the focus when filming without the need for additional rail mounting - at an affordable price.”

“Do you want to gain better control and overview without spending lots of money on extra equipment that makes traveling lightweight impossible?” asks Bestle. “Do you also want to be able to hit those nice focus points from near and far in order to tell your story in an even better and more intense way? Do you want to hit focus points in your scene with quick, yet smooth movements, and high accuracy? If you do, then FocusMaker™ is for you!”

There are other far more expensive and complicated DSLR follow focus systems on the market. However, they can be complicated to mount and use, and often require the help of another person to operate. FocusMaker™ fits most DSLR camera lenses and can be mounted in seconds. It can easily fit in your equipment bag.

“It’s the fastest, most accurate and most affordable rack focus system on the market,” adds Bestle. “Users will love FocusMaker™ because of the compact, versatile and affordable way it can help them make great looking video. It’s also easy to adjust your focus points on the ruler.”

The FocusMaker™ can be purchased world wide online via the dedicated webpage, at, for just $89.00.

FocusMaker™ has been brought to the market by ID/FX, a Danish company specializing in the design of innovative products on the international market.

Visit for more information and video presentations with instructions. Or feel free to contact us for further information and additional pictures.

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