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Review: Peak Design PROpad for Capture Camera Clip

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Overview : The Peak Design PROpad is an accessory for the Capture camera clip that is compatible with all versions of Capture. It adds additional comfort and stability when using heavy camera and lens combinations. It attaches onto your belt or backpack strap either by threading the belt or strap through the inner loop or by clamping the clip and PROpad directly to the belt or strap.

Features :
  • Works with all versions of Capture: PROpad fits Capture v1, Capture v2 and CapturePRO.
  • Allows 3 different mounting positions: Use PROpad in the top-loading belt position, side-loading belt position, and backpack postion.
  • Includes long clamping bolts: These make it easier to mount Capture and PROpad on your belt or strap. Note that the long bolts only work with Capture v2 and CapturePRO.
  • Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design.

Quality/Usability : If you read our review on Peak Design's Capture v1, you'll know that one of our complaints was that it didn't support gripped cameras very well because it dug into your hip. With Peak Design's releasing Capture v2 and CapturePRO, they also brought along some new accessories. One of those accessories is the PROpad.

The PROpad increases comfort and support when using the Capture Clip. If you own the original Capture, the PROpad will also work with it. So no need to go out and buy the v2 or a new sturdier belt, just to use the pad.

In terms of look, the PROpad looks sleek and will blend in perfectly fine with your attire. The front is a flap with a cut-out. The back has some nice plush cushion for comfort and when you lift the flap, there is a strap. The flap, the cut-out on the flap and strap on the inside all have a purpose and I will get into it.

Also included with the PROpad are two long clamping bolts. These replace the standard clamping bolts that come with the Capture v2 or Capture PRO. The purpose of these long clamping bolts is so that the Capture Clip will fit on thick straps that are thicker than 0.5 in (1.3 cm).

There's two ways to use the PROpad; on a pants belt or a backpack strap. If you're using the PROpad on your belt, you have two ways of mounting the Capture Clip and I'll show both ways.

Belt - Vertical :

With placing the Capture Clip in a vertical position, this is the same position as if you were to place the Capture Clip directly on to your belt without the PROpad. Only difference is that the PROpad is offering support and comfort. Also, with the Capture being in a vertical position, the camera is inserted from the side (left to right if looking down at the Capture when mounted onto belt).

If you need to adjust or shift the PROpad and Capture over, you'll need to loosen the Capture, adjust and retighten.

left: Canon 5D Mark III without grip and Canon 24-70L II | right: Canon 5D Mark III with grip and Canon 24-70L II

The image on the left shows a non-gripped Canon 5D3 and 24-70L II mounted onto the Capture Clip. The image on the right shows the same but with the OEM BG-E11 grip attached. With a gripped body, it still gives that awkward angle (due to gravity) but it doesn't feel uncomfortable since the PROpad is now taking on much of the weight and the Capture is no longer digging into your hip/body.

Belt - Horizontal :

The other option of mounting the Capture Clip to the PROpad is in a horizontal position. Remember that strap that was on the inside that I mentioned earlier? Well, that strap is used when the Capture is used in a horizontal position. The back plate of the Capture goes underneath the PROpad strap. The Capture also sits slightly lower compared to the vertical position.

Since the Capture isn't clamped onto the belt, you're able to slide the PROpad and Capture easily. The higher the Capture Clip is to your belt, the more secure it would be and less movement it will have.

left: Canon 5D Mark III without grip and Canon 24-70L II | right: Canon 5D Mark III with grip and Canon 24-70L II

As you can see above, the angle and position of the camera is the same regardless if the Capture is in a vertical or horizontal position. With the Capture being horizontal, there isn't anything on the Capture that will dig into your body now but still offers the same comfort.

Long Clamping Bolts (v2) :

Size comparison between long clamping bolt (included with PROpad) and standard clamping bolt (included with Capture v2/PRO)

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, the long bolts replace the standard clamping bolts that come with the Capture v2 or Capture PRO. For those who own the Capture v1, these long bolts will not work and Peak Design does not have any long bolts that is compatible with the v1. They are exactly the same but with a longer shaft. The purpose of these long clamping bolts is so that the Capture Clip will fit on thick straps that are thicker than 0.5 in (1.3 cm).

With the clamping bolts tightened, you can see that the standard bolts sticks out a little past the back plate where as with the long bolts stick out even further. Although you won't have your Capture Clip mounted this way, it just to show how long of a difference and if you're not using the Capture.

In the images above, I have the Capture PRO with long clamping bolts and PROpad on a Think Tank Photo Pro Speed Belt. The other two images are of the Capture PRO with and without PROpad on a Think Tank Photo StreetWalker Pro backpack. The PROpad probably isn't necessary on such a thick strap but at least it shows that the long bolts will still work. Without the long clamping bolts, attaching the Capture v2 and Capture PRO to thick straps would be impossible.

Below is a video on how to setup your PROpad and Capture Clip with all three options I mentioned above.

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design PROpad for Capture Camera Clip is a necessary accessory if you have a gripped camera body or have heavy gear. Don't sacrifice $30 for comfort because if you're walking around for 4+ hours, you don't want to be bruised or aching by the end of the day. I'm glad Peak Design listened to my complaint from the Capture v1 (I'm sure others have complained about it too) and released the PROpad.

I thought the Capture Clip being vertical would feel uncomfortable compared to the horizontal orientation but it's quite comfortable. However, I still prefer the horizontal option because all I'm doing is putting the camera straight down or lifting it up as opposed to sliding the camera sideways.

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