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New Yongnuo Triggers & Flashes "Fully Compatible" with Canon RT System

Yongnuo has announced the first third-party flashgun and trigger compatible with the Canon 2.4GHz E-TTL system. The YN-E3-RT is an aftermarket flash trigger pitched by the Chinese manufacturer as an alternative to Canon’s own ST-E3-RT. A compatible flash modeled on the Canon 600EX-RT, the YN600EX-RT, will follow.

“I am excited to share our new flagship trigger product,” said Yongnuo’s Guanchao Liang. “It’s the YN-E3-RT, which is fully compatible with Canon’s RT technology.”

"We will release a flash, the YN600EX-RT, which is fully compatible with RT technology later," he added.

The YN-E3-RT sits on top of the camera and has a large LCD screen, providing the ability to review and adjust settings for different remote flashes — 600EX-RTs or YN600EX-RTs — without the photographer having to walk away from the camera position. Unlike infrared-based flash control systems, the radio signals can go round corners and work more reliably in bright sunlight.

The triggers are equipped with USB ports, allowing the user to install future firmware updates. They will also have a built-in autofocus (AF) assist lamp and "other useful features". We expect the flash to support E-TTL and manual control and high-speed sync (HSS).

It is not compatible — wirelessly — with the Yongnuo YN-622 line of triggers, but there is more news coming soon for current YN-622 users. "Don't be disappointed," said Mr. Liang.

Canon first released its radio triggering system last year, made up of the Speedlite 600EX-RT, a radio-controlled flashgun, and the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT, a camera-top control unit. Until now, these have been the only devices compatible with the technology, though other companies have produced equivalent mutually incompatible systems running on proprietary frequencies.

Photographers put off by Canon's prices might be tempted by the new (presumably) cheaper option, though it remains to be seen how much money they will save or whether the devices are reliable enough to be worth going with a third party. Yongnuo has not yet published prices or an exact release date.

Source: Lighting Rumors

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