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Indiegogo: FlashQ - The Little Cube for Flash Photography

If you've been browsing the site, you know that I have mentioned Kickstarter quite a few times. Kickstarter helped launch companies such as Peak Design and Custom SLR to where they are today as well as a bunch of other camera accessories.

Indiegogo is another site similar to Kickstarter where startup look for people like you to help them launch their product. One of the new items I was introduced on Indiegogo is the FlashQ. FlashQ is a 2.4GHz Wireless Flash Trigger. It is the smallest wireless flash trigger ever and the perfect companion to Mirrorless and Prosumer Cameras. The idea is the same as the wireless transmitter that is released by OEM manufacturers or 3rd party such as YongNuo, Pixel, etc. The FlashQ makes the off-camera flash lighting possible at any angles and unleash the creativity in photographers.

The FlashQ comes in multiple colors: black, white, pink and blue. Early bird special lets you get the FlashQ for $30. Once that is sold out, you'll have to purchase it for $39 which includes one transmitter and one receiver. $55 will get you one transmitter and two receivers. $129 gets you one transmitter and one receiver and your signature printed on the front face of the FlashQ.

Here is a video with more information and of it in action:

This definitely looks interesting and a fraction of the cost of other wireless transmitters and the size is so compact. If you're advanced in lighting, don't even both. No TTL support and up to 1/250 sync speed. I'm really interested to really see if a single CR2032 battery can fire 100K flashes.

Continue reading for more information.

There's not much to the FlashQ. Two buttons and an LED status. It runs on CR2032 watch batteries. The battery is stated to have a 6-month standby time and lets you take 100K shots on a single battery.

Technical Specifications
  • Size: 25 x 25 x 15 mm
  • 2.4GHz low-power digital radio
  • 160 radio channels
  • 20M operating range
  • No TTL, up to 1/250 sync speed*
  • Max. 900us X-sync latency (by FlashQ system)
  • Tolerate Max. 300V port sync voltage (on FlashQ receiver)
  • 3V voltage present on male hot shoe centre pin (on FlashQ transmitter)
  • PC Sync cable (via Func. port) for studio strobes
  • More than 100K fires for a battery life
  • 6 months battery standby time
  • LED indication: Green – operating; Red – triggering; Blue - pairing

To use the FlashQ, attach FlashQ transmitter to your camera hot shoe on top, FlashQ receiver to a remote flash via hot shoe or sync cord, pair-up FlashQ device and start taking photos with endless possibilities of flash lighting.

It's compatible with a bunch of cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.

If you're interested in the FlashQ or want to contribute and purchase one, you can go to their Indiegogo page.

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