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Review: Peak Design POV Kit for Capture Camera Clip

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Overview : The Peak Design P.O.V. Kit turns any Capture Camera Clip into a point-of-view video mount. The kit is made up of three main components: an adapter plate, a J-Arm and a point-and-shoot plate. The adapter plate locks into your Capture camera clip and has a multi-prong hinge connector that is the attachment point for the J-Arm or point-and-shoot plate. The J-arm allows you to attach any GoPro Hero camera and enables the GoPro to be adjusted up-and-down and side-to-side by adjusting the thumb screws.

The point-and-shoot plate connects the adapter plate to any slim bodied point-and-shoot camera with a 1/4"-20 tripod thread. It allows you to shoot point-of-view video or carry your point-and-shoot camera in a low-profile manner by folding it flat against your body.

Note: This item requires the Capture or CapturePRO. It is not a stand-alone product.

Features :
  • Works with all versions of Capture: P.O.V. Kit works best with Capture v2 and CapturePRO, but can also be used with original Capture units.
  • Includes J-Arm for GoPro®: Allows for mounting any GoPro® Hero camera.
  • Includes point-and-shoot adapter: Take P.O.V. video using your point-and-shoot, or carry your point-and-shoot more comfortably with Capture.
  • Lifetime guarantee from Peak Design.

Quality/Usability : Peak Design has been releasing some very innovative products for the Capture Clip. They've turned their Capture Clip into a ultra-versatile video mount by releasing the P.O.V. Kit. The P.O.V. Kit turns any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object into a mount for a GoPro® or any P.O.V. video device. This allows you to record videos hands-free without having to hold on to the recording device.

The P.O.V. Kit comes with a J-Arm, point-and-shoot adapter, mounting plate, long clamping screws, connection screw, stabilizer pad, hex tool, pouch and pamphlet. The stabilizer pad provides additional support to your backpack strap.

The J-Arm allows you to mount any GoPro Hero to the Capture Clip. You will need to use the screw that comes with the GoPro.

The point-and-shoot plate looks like their PRO Plates (ARCAplate, DUALplate and MICROplate) but will only work with the P.O.V. Kit. It has a 1/4"-20 screw that attaches to the bottom of the camera. You'll need to use a coin or included hex tool to tighten the screw.

The Capture adapter plate allows you to slide your GoPro or point-and-shoot camera into the Capture Clip, which is required. The plate also lets you insert into the Capture Clip in any direction.

As I just mentioned, a Capture Clip is required in order for the P.O.V. Kit to be mounted. If your backpack strap is thin, it's highly suggested that you use the stabilizer pad with long clamping screw. The pad will offer stability and support while you're moving. The stabilizer pad would go behind your shoulder strap followed by the Capture Clip which will hold it in place.

If you don't have a backpack strap, you can place the Capture with your P.O.V. Kit onto your pants belt and record your video from a waist view. You can also place it on your strap of your boots or onto your bike. So as long there is something the Capture Clip can mount to.

J-Arm for GoPro Hero Cameras

The images above is to show what is needed and how to set up your GoPro. First you'll need to attach the J-Arm to the Capture adapter using the included connection screw. Next, you'll attach the GoPro to the J-Arm. You will need to use the long thumb screw that came with the GoPro in order to attach the GoPro to the J-Arm.

Here is the image of it mounted onto the Capture Clip and a backpack. Thanks to the J-Arm, you can angle the Go-Pro to the left or right as well as up and down. You can flip the Capture adapter plate around which will now turn your GoPro upside down and you can take a selfie.

Point-and-Shoot Plate for Point and Shoot Cameras

For the point-and-shoot, all you need is the point-and-shoot plate and Capture adapter. First, attach the point-and-shoot adapter to your point-and-shoot. Next, you'll want to attach the point-and-shoot plate to the Capture adapter using the included connection screw.

With this set up, you only have the ability to move the camera up and down. It also sits closer to your body but still allows you to view images/videos and easily access buttons and menus.

It can also be used as a mounting solution to hold you camera on your pants belt.

J-Arm + Point-and-Shoot Plate for Point and Shoot Cameras

In the instructional video (below), Peak Design shows that you can rotate the point-and-shoot camera left and right by simply twisting it. However, by doing so, I feel that this will eventually loosen the plate from the camera. I haven't seen the following setup mentioned or suggested anywhere else but you can incorporate the J-Arm with the point-and-shoot plate (see update below). In order for this to work, you'll need to have a long thumb screw (included with GoPro or it can be purchased separately from Amazon).

Installation is a mix of both installations of J-Arm and Point-and-Shoot Plate. First, you'll want to attach the point-and-shoot plate to your point-and-shoot camera. Next, you'll attach the Capture adapter to the J-Arm using the connection screw. Finally, you'll connect the camera with the point-and-shoot plate to the J-Arm using the long thumb screw.

This now offers me more flexibility rather than restrict my point-and-shoot movement to up and down only. I can now move my camera left and right like a GoPro. This does make the camera stick out further and lower.

Below is a more detailed instructional video of how to install the P.O.V. Kit:

Conclusion : Overall, the Peak Design P.O.V. Kit for Capture Camera Clip is a must have for your Capture Clip especially if you're an adventurer, outdoor enthusiast and do video recordings. Installation is really simple and straight forward. Like all Peak Design products, they are top quality.

If you don't have the Capture Clip, Peak Design also sells the Capture P.O.V. Camera Clip. This new kit will include the Capture Clip, everything I reviewed above and will include a long connection screw as well as a tool to help tighten down bolts - particularly if you're wearing gloves. You're pretty much getting the P.O.V. Kit for ONLY $10!!

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