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Kickstarter: SWIVIT Pro for GoPro

If you own a GoPro or have used one, majority if not all of the accessories don't allow you to rotate the GoPro left or right. They usually only let you aim the GoPro up or down. In comes to SWIVIT PRO. The SWIVIT PRO by Jason Morlon allows you to capture what's going on around you with a 360 degree rotation without unmounting and remounting the GoPro or anything. Simply rotate the SWIVIT PRO while the GoPro is recording.

Depending on availability, you can get the SWIVIT PRO for as low as $17-20 for you early birds. When these are sold out, the SWIVIT PRO can be purchased for $25. $50 gets you the SWIVIT PRO, sticker pack, name on their website and a trucker hat. $350 gets you everything listed PLUS your own role in a SWIVIT promo video (you submit your name and video and they'll place your footage into the promo video).

Capture more of what's going on around you with 360 degrees of rotation, without interruption or hassle.

Life's greatest moments happen all around us—not just in front of the camera!

We love that GoPro cameras capture everything everywhere, but the current mounts and accessories have a huge limitation: the camera is locked in a single direction. Until now, it’s been challenging and inconvenient to change the camera direction, which involved fumbling with mounts, bolts, linkages, and adjustments.

Well you don’t need to do that anymore.

The SWIVIT PRO gives you the freedom to quickly and easily capture multiple angles—and more of what's going on around you—right in the moment.

No matter what, how, or where you film...

The SWIVIT PRO is a must-have for every GoPro user's accessory kit.

The SWIVIT PRO can also:
  • Turn the camera to face backward while not recording, which can help protect lens from debris damage when traveling at higher speeds.
  • Help capture 360° of video while mounted on a tripod or other mounts, giving you better stability and continuity than with handheld filming.
  • Assist with more than just action sports: it’s indispensable at events or during stage and film production.
  • Work with numerous camera and rigging setups to collect B-roll; get simultaneous, multi-angle footage without affecting the main shot, or use it for the main shot, too.
  • Play nice with numerous GoPro and 3rd-party mounts, including many of the ones that have been successfully funded here on Kickstarter!
  • Guarantee offline, analog simplicity: No connections required. No OS dependencies. No worries...
  • And the biggest perk of them all: VERSATILITY!

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