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Indiegogo: CASE Remote Air: Make Your Camera Smart

We were informed of a new Indiegogo campaign called the CASE Remote Air - Affordable Wifi Control for your DSLR. The Case Remote Air provides wifi control, touch to focus, photo download including RAW and additional features like time lapse, HDR/Bracketing, focus stacking and start and stop video remotely even on older DSLRs. This affordable alternative to the much more expensive Cam Ranger can seriously upgrade your DSLR with some fun features.

You can get the CASE Remote Air for $84. Retail price will be $199. It will be available October 2016.

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The CASE Remote Air is the world’s smallest and most powerful smart camera controller. The CASE Remote Air enables you to wirelessly control your camera with your smartphone or PC. Simply connect the CASE Remote Air through your camera’s USB, and it will generate a WiFi hotspot, that will connect your smartphone or PC to your camera. It is equipped with advanced functions including live-view, parameter editing, HDR, focus-stacking, bulb, time-lapse, video control, and many more.

Remote Live View:
Photography can be dangerous. With the CASE Remote Air, you can live-view your photos directly from your iPad, iPhone or Android devices. This controller also provides other assistive functions, including touch focus, full screen live-view, and assistive scaling.

Live-View on Big Screen:
Do you find yourself squinting at your camera’s tiny preview screen? With the CASE Remote Air, you can remotely capture images, and then immediately view them in full resolution on your mobile device or PC. You can then directly upload and share them using the CASE Remote Air’s WiFi hotspot.

Remote Parameter-Setting:
The CASE Remote Air can help you remotely set your camera parameters from as far away as 55 yards (50 meters). You can remotely set your camera’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white Balance, AF, drive/shooting mode (single, continuous, etc.), metering mode, and more. It also allows you to adjust bulb and video control.

Advance Photography Functions:
The CASE Remote Air’s built-in app makes it especially suitable for time lapse photography, HDR, and focus-stacking.

The Best Tool for Focus and Composition:
The CASE Remote Air is your photography assistant, equipped with Peak focus, RGB histogram and grid.

Online Sharing:
The CASE Remote Air allows you to wirelessly control your camera, while maintaining access to your home WiFi or 4G network. You can shoot images, then directly share or upload them through the CASE Air.

Simple Set-Up:
To mount the CASE Remote Air, you only need a hot shoe, 1/4” screw hole and clip. The lightweight CASE Remote Air is easy to carry and transport, and can be used with the CASE Robotic Camera Mount to have total control over shooting angles.

They also offer two powerful CASE Remote Air accessories that help make photography easy.

The CASE Robotic Camera Mount head can be used with the CASE Remote Air, so the user can easily rotate the camera 360 degrees along two axes. The Robotic Mount can also be used to generate panoramas and motion-controlled time-lapse photography.

The CASE tripod is a 100% carbon-fiber photography tripod. It is 26 feet tall, and ideal for professional photographers and enthusiasts interested in aerial photography. Control the entire photography process with the CASE Remote Air, CASE Robotic Camera Mount and CASE tripod.

The CASE Relay Camera Power System offers 'infinite camera power' for most DSLR and mirrorless cameras by Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. The system works via a DC coupler that plugs into both the camera’s battery port and the Case Relay. The Relay then plugs into either a 5V USB external battery or a wall outlet. The Case Relay, which includes a secondary 1200mAh battery, is a solution for time-lapse photography and other tasks that require uninterrupted, long-lasting power. External battery packs can be swapped without interrupting power, as the Relay's battery will continue to power the camera while the external source is unplugged. CASE Relay is partnership developed with Tether Tools, for more details, please check here.

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