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Kickstarter: Lumapod - Ultra-Compact Tripod

We were contacted by a company called Lumapod about their new Kickstarter campaign for ultra-compact tripod called the Lumapod. They say it is the fastest tripod and quicker to set up than your conventional tripod...all it takes is 4 seconds!

Two sizes are offered: Lumapod Go85 is geared towards smaller gear such as smartphones and action cameras and can support up to 1kg / 2.2lbs. The Lumapod Go120 is for bigger setups such as mirrorless and DSLR cameras and can support up to 2kg /4.4lbs. The Go120 also has modular legs so you can add dolly wheels on it as well.

Lumapod’s Kickstarter campaign runs from September 12 through October 25. Its two models will be available for up to 50 percent off of retail sales prices for Kickstarter supporters.

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World's Fastest Tripod: Lumapod Launches Kickstarter Campaign
This ultra-compact tripod sets up in only 4 seconds.

AUSTRIA—Lumapod, a dynamic camera gear start-up based in Austria, has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to bring its patented technology to amateur and professional photographers around the world.

Lumapod’s two tripods have three modes which allow amateur and professional photographers to choose the best option for their needs. Its 85-centimeter model and 120-centimeter model can each become a tripod, monopod, or selfie pole. All of the models and modes are usable for smartphones, GoPro, Mirrorless, DSLR, and more.

“At Lumapod, we have developed the fastest and most compact tripod in the world,” said Lumapod co-founder and designer Martin Grabner. “Our patented tensioning technology means any photographer can set up a professional-quality tripod in four seconds – and still carry that same tripod in their day pack.”

“We are aiming to raise $40,000 (€35,000) through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding campaign so that we can bring this product to market as soon as possible. In keeping with Kickstarter’s tradition, those who invest in us up-front through this campaign will receive a tripod for up to 50 percent off of the original price!”

A start-up founded earlier this year, Lumapod received a grant from the Austrian government and has partnered with some of Austria’s top firms to develop and patent its tripod. Lumapod’s tensioning technology received an Austrian patent in June 2018 and is under consideration for an international patent. Lumapod’s tripods maximize stability, speed, and compactness through a single telescoping profile.

This compact and speedy solution for photographers and videographers has already received endorsements for its set-up speed, stability, and versatility. Leading Austrian travel blogger and photographer LadyVenom (@LadyVenom on Instagram) says that while “my current tripod almost always stays at home” because of its size and bulk, “I’m looking forward to having a product that solves exactly these problems. Then I’ll always have a tripod when I’m on the go.”

U.S. portrait photographer Calvin Chiu (@LookitsCalvin on Instagram) said Lumapod’s design “eliminates” his challenge of “bringing a bulky tripod for one or two shots.” According to Chiu, “this design eliminates the size/weight issue entirely.”

“I joined Lumapod because I wanted all photographers to have access to this amazing tripod,” said photographer Andreas Schmitzberger, co-founder of Lisa & Andreas Photography. “In situations where compact equipment is a must, Lumapod’s tripod is the perfect partner for the perfect photo.”

Lumapod’s Kickstarter campaign runs from September 12 through October 25. Its two models will be available for up to 50 percent off of retail sales prices for Kickstarter supporters.

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