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Kickstarter: ProMedia Gear Universal L-Cage Port Protector for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera

ProMedia Gear has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their Universal L-Cage Port Protector. The #BP2 is an innovative Port Protector as well as L-Cage Adapter. Replacing a damaged HDMI port is very expensive. While there are other devices on the market, they are designed to only fit single style of camera and offer limited adjust-ability.

The Universal L-Cage Port Protector is compatible with all current DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras and will allow you to quickly protect your side ports and also attach a wide range of useful accessories including: External Monitors, Lights, Voice Recorders, Microphones, GPS Adapters etc. Adjustable on two axes (fore-aft and side-side), the Universal Port Protector prevents cable snags, plug bumping, and other mishaps that can cause irreparable harm to your fragile camera equipment. The L-Cage Port Protector features 9 UNC 1/4"-20 thread mounts with anti-rotation holes too to support your shooting style; so you can start protecting your equipment right away.

The current #BP2 version doesn't work with tall cameras like Nikon D5, or Canon 1Dx, (Canon 5d or Nikon D850 with battery pack) for those a riser piece is needed. Prototypes have been designed and tested but there are currently no plans to release unless the demand is there.

The L-Cage starts at $100 and looks to ship November 2018.

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