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Review: PEIPRO L-Plate (Bracket) Extension Camera Grip for Canon R5 R6

Overview : This L-Bracket from PEIPRO is designed specifically for the Canon EOS R5 and R6 Mirrorless Digital Cameras. It features Arca-type dovetail mounts on both of its vertical and horizontal axis to let you flip the camera from portrait to landscape mode when using an Arca-type tripod head. The adjustable side plate enables you to attach a tethering cable and other cables to the side ports of the camera, and the bottom and side portion of the plate also features multiple 1/4"-20 holes for attaching accessories such as a light or microphone.

Features :
  • Constructed of aviation aluminum alloy
  • Horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) mounting positions
  • Arca-type compatible dovetail plate
  • Battery door compartment access
  • Built-in magnetic tool storage
  • Weighs 123g

Quality/Usability : Ever since I got the MCOPLUS EG-E1 Extension Metal Hand Grip for the Canon RP, I wanted to look for something similar for my Canon R6 (the R5 uses the same accessories). The Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip will just make the camera more bulkier and I have no need for the vertical orientation or extra battery life. Not to mention the price that Canon wants for their grip ($349.99).

While searching the internet, I stumbled upon the PEIPRO L-Plate (Bracket) for the Canon R5 and R6. It has a host of features that I wanted such as Arca-Swiss plate, low cost and most importantly, extension grip. So lets take a closer look.

The PEIPRO L-Plate comes in a brown box with the plate and two hex keys.

The larger hex key is for the larger silver screws to tighten the plate to your camera or to remove/extend (up to 23mm) the side L-Plate. The smaller hex key is for the two small screws holding the L-Plate to the main plate. This allows you to either remove it or slide the side plate forward or backwards.

Most of the L-Plates on the market have an Arca-Swiss dovetail but they stop short of the battery door and they also have it as one piece rather than two pieces. What I like about the PEIPRO is that not only does it also have an Arca-Swiss dovetail but it also extends the full width of the camera. This offers an extension to the camera for your pinky and access to the battery door. It also made of two pieces, so you can remove the side plate if not needed.

There are additional 1/4"-20 holes on the bottom and on the L-Plate for you to attach additional accessories such as microphones, lights, monitors, etc.

One nice additional feature is the ability to store the larger hex key to the bottom of the plate. There are two small magnets that help hold it in place. When you need to access the tool, you simply just slide it out.

Here are a few pics of the L-Plate in its "explosion" view along with how it will look when mounted onto the camera.

Left Picture: Removing the bigger L-Plate screw on the bottom allows you to remove L-Plate completely. However, it leaves an empty hole between the camera and plate.

Middle Picture: By removing the two small screws, this allows you to remove the L-Plate only but leaves the mount attached and not leave a hole. This is my preferred setup if going without the L-Plate

Right Picture: There are a total of three parts to the L-Plate. If you leave everything attached, you'll have a full L-Plate.

Unlike the MCOPLUS RP plate, there is no need to relocate the battery door. The plate has a cut out to access the battery door. There's plenty of space for the battery door to open without any issues. There's also a little cut out right next to the battery door to let you attach a loop such as the Peak Design Anchor Link. If you use a hand strap, depending on the strap width, it may also fit. I sometimes use the Spider Pro Hand Strap and there is no easy way for me to use it without blocking the battery door.

My only complaint is that it was a little hard to access the battery door. I don't have nails and my fingers kept slipping when trying to open the latch. So in order for me to open the battery door, I needed a little assistance from anything I can find. I just wish there was maybe a slight cut out to make things a little easier but its just personal preference. Maybe others may not have issues with the battery door access.

Here's a look at the PEIPRO attached to the bottom of the R6. Shown is without the side L-Plate attached which will be my main setup as I don't really use the L-Plate that often on a tripod.

Shown is with the L-Plate installed. You'll be able to fold the screen out as well as be able to rotate it. If you are using any of the side ports, you'll may need to slide the L-Plate out so that you have access to the ports and fit the cables.

The Arca-Swiss dovetail will fit Arca-Swiss ballheads. I have Arca-Swiss ballheads ranging from Kingjoy G1, Sunwayfoto XB-52L and ballheads with Hejnar Photo clamps.

What is nice is that the grip also acts as a stopper. If you're sliding your camera in to the Arca-Swiss ballhead, it can only slide in from right to left. So if you don't use the L-Plate and you to rotate your ballhead so that your camera is in vertical mode, the camera will not slide off accidentally.

As I mentioned, one of the best benefits of the PEIPRO is the added height it adds to the bottom of the grip making the camera slightly taller and an area for your pinky. Depending on the size of your hands, this makes gripping the camera a bit more comfortable and not as cramped.

Conclusion : Overall, the PEIPRO L-Plate (Bracket) Extension Camera Grip for Canon R5 R6 is just the plate I am looking for. It has an Arca-Swiss dovetail plate built-in so no needed additional plate is needed and its the full width of the camera body. This lets the camera sit flat on a flat surface and adds additional height to the bottom of the grip for your pinky.

My only complaint was that it was a little hard for me to open the battery door. I can pull back on the latch but not open the door. This could be the lack of nails on my finger or it could be the added height to the plate which is causing me issues. I just have to use something small to help assist. Just a minor inconvenience on my end.

Manufacturer: PEIPRO
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from AliExpress / Buy from eBay

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