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How to Setup and in Action Video of Glidecam XR-2000

We posted an unboxing video of the Glidecam XR-2000 not too long ago and now we have two new videos for you. The first video will show you how to setup the Glidecam XR-2000 Series. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how to balance and configure it.

For a video on how to set up the Glidecam, check out the video on Philip Bloom's website and check out these videos from NAB 2011 - Video 1 of 3, Video 2 of 3, Video 3 of 3.

The second video shows you the Glidecam XR-2000 in action after it's been set up and balanced. NOTE: I am not a "professional" and have not mastered it yet but with a little more practice, I would have no problem using it.

We'll have a full review of the Glidecam XR-2000 shortly. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified when the review has been posted.

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