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Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Overview : Carry Speed Slim Strap. This strap is designed for the photographer who wants to position the camera on the side of his hip instead of the center of his chest but does not want a bulky strap running across his shoulder, yet wants the strap to be comfortable.

So, Carry Speed has removed the flash card pocket and changed the shoulder portion of the strap material to neoprene. Additionally, there is a long slit in the center of the neoprene allowing the width of the strap to compress when on the shoulder of the photographer lessening the bulk of the strap. Thus, a much more flexible and comfortable strap is created.

The Carry Speed Slim Strap is attached to the camera via the Speed Mount. This mount screws into the camera's or lens' pre-existing tripod socket. However, this mount reveals an alternate tripod socket allowing for easy attachment to and removal from a tripod without having to remove the strap from the camera or lens.

The strap is designed to fit across the shoulder relieving neck strain and allowing the camera to comfortably rest next to the hip. Strap length is adjustable for most body sizes and an adjustable stop is included to assure that the camera will be where the photographer wants it, whether in the resting or taking position.

Features :
  • Designed for smaller system
  • Original Ball Head Hanging Design
  • Detachable Shoulder Pad
  • 3 button quick release buckle
  • FREE Uni-Strap / Hand Strap included
Package Includes:
  • CS-Slim Strap x 1 (Include the connector)
  • Ball Head Locknut x 1

Quality/Usability : Camera sling straps have been a popular camera strap accessory. It takes the load off your neck unlike conventional straps that come with your camera that puts a load of weight on your neck. There are many manufacturers that make sling straps and new to the scene is Carry Speed. Actually, Carry Speed has been on the market for about a year but they have recently revamped their design to make it unique, comfortable and functional.

The Carry Speed Slim consists of 4 parts: neoprene shoulder padding, nylon webbing strap with buckles and connector, ball head locknut and allen key.

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

The CS-Slim neoprene strap is lightweight and flexible. You barely notice it on your shoulder. By far, I think neoprene straps are the most comfortable straps when it comes to sling straps. The stitching is nicely done and clean.

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Typical buckles require you to squeeze the buckle with two fingers and it releases. A thief or prankster can easily use their two fingers to release your strap and cause your gear to drop to the ground or even steal it. Even if you accidentally forget to fully push the buckle in, it can unclip and fall to the ground. One of the unique features that is different from other sling straps is the three (3) button quick release. With Carry Speed's 3 buckle quick release system, it now requires you to use two hands. You still use your two fingers to release the buckle but now you need to press a third button to release the third locking mechanism. This provides added security. Would-be thieves won't know what hit them when they try to release the clips. They'll also have to work harder for it too.

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Another unique feature are these ball head locknut and connector. The locknut is also used by another camera gear accessory by Spider Holster. Having discussed with the CEO from Carry Speed about the ball head locknut, I was told that Carry Speed and Spider Holster worked together so that the products will work with one another.

To install the ball head locknut, simply hand-screw it into the tripod socket of your camera or camcorder. Once its hand tightened, use the included allen key to tighten the locknut. Unfortunately, there is no place to store the allen key. You'll have to throw it into your camera bag or a pouch and pray it does not get lost. But even if it does, any allen key will work fine and can be purchased from a hardware store for cheap. 

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Typical sling straps use a carabiner to attach to fastener on the bottom of your camera. But with the Carry Speed Slim, it uses its unique locking system. Inside the connector is a hollowed out center that houses the ball. To keep the ball from coming out, you simply screw the connector all the way down. The connector itself is totally unique as I have not seen anything like it and is patent pending. Once the locknut and connector has been installed and closed, the connector does not come near the body of your camera. This will not damage or scuff your camera.

Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap
Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap Review: Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap

Here is a promotional video for Carry Speed:

Unfortunately, I was not provided with the Uni-Hand Strap so it was not included in this review.

Conclusion : Overall, the Carry Speed Slim CS-Slim Camera Sling Strap is a very comfortable lightweight strap. The quality and thought put into the design and idea of the connector is very good. My only complaint would be that if you're using a grip on your camera, holding the camera vertical in portrait mode, the pin gets in the way.

Since the connector is a screw based design, it takes a couple of seconds to fully unscrew and have enough room to be able to remove the locknut. So looking for a quick disconnect like a carabiner would be out of the question.

As mentioned in the review, there was no place to store the allen key. Carry Speed does sell a mounting plate that holds the allen key and lets you attach a quick release plate from your tripod ball head without removing the locknut. This plate can be purchased separately or its included with the purchase of the CS-Pro Sling Strap.

Manufacturer: Carry Speed
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from Adorama

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