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Review: MoGoPod MK III Monopod + MCR-1 Belt Kit + TPD-2 Tripod Leg Stand

Overview : The new MoGoPod MK III is a unique monopod stabilizer that can be used right side up, or upside down! It's unique internal steel belt drive system adjusts the MoGoPod quickly to automatically telescope the MoGoPod to any height, and locks down with a simple twist lock.

The Markings on the MoGoPod MK III allows you to remember your favorite settings so you can easily repeat a previous setup.

The MoGoPod MK III is also the only Monopod that allows you to use it upside down. Remove the rubber foot to reveal a ¼-20 inch threaded stud, and re-locate the rubber foot at the top stage. Now the MoGoPod is the perfect quick telescoping pole allowing you new perspectives with your small cameras.

The MoGoCrane Belt wraps around your waist with an adjustable belt and the threaded compact aluminum unit lets you securely attach the MoGoPod. The MoGoCrane brings a new style of shooting. Portable and affordable, this unique take on a mini jib will definitely change the way you shoot.

The Tripod Leg Stand allows you to add a stable base made of three 8" foldable high quality metal legs with rubber ends to your MoGoPod. After using the legs you are able to fold it back up on the bottom of the MoGoPod and it will be ready in a few seconds when needed.

MogoPod MK III Features :
  • Maximum Height: 41 inches (S) / 62 inches (M)
  • Collapses to: 20 inches (S) / 27 inches (M)
  • Lightweight - Weight: 1.3 lb (S) / 1.6 lb (M)
  • Load Capacity: 5 kg/10 lb
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum for Maximum Durability
MogoCrane Belt Kit Features :
  • Only 7" inches wide
  • Wraps around your waist with an adjustable belt
  • Female ¼-20 inch threads
Tripod Leg Stand Features :
  • 8" Long Legs with Rubber Ends
  • Foldable Tripod Legs
  • Female ¼-20 inch threads

Quality/Usability : We had previously reviewed the original MoGoPod (prototype and v2) by Carry Speed and this was a unique monopod. It wasn't your typical release lock and clamp back down when you have set your desired height. Since the release, the manufacturer now known as MoGoPod has gone back to the drawing board to make the MoGoPod that much better.

I've been reviewing MoGoPod's product back when they were selling and manufacturing Carry Speed (makers of camera sling straps - BTW, great straps but no longer sold). I found them at PhotoPlus Expo 2013 in the Photography and Cinema booth and the founder/inventor was demoing the new MoGoPod MK III. Of course, I had to see what was new and improved.

And here it is!

*No box shown for MoGoPod MK III "S" as it was picked up in person during PhotoPlus Expo 2012

There are two sizes to the MoGoPod MK III (Mark III) lineup: Size S(mall) and Size M(edium). I'll get into why there are two sizes further down in the review. Like the older MoGoPod's, the concept is the same. Twist to unlock, extend/retract and twist again to lock. The look of the new MoGoPod looks much more fancier and higher quality. The nice metallic red paint adds a nice touch to the look. A nylon shoulder strap is also included with the larger MK III.

Tthe smaller "S" version is at its shortest at 20" inches when retracted and 27" inches for the bigger "M" version. The MK III can extend can extend to a full 41" inches and 62" inches respectively. The MoGoPod Mark III can also be used right side up, or upside down to boom a small camera such as a GoPro, microphone or an external flash for photographers. The ruler marking is only available on the larger version.

Other than the size difference, everything else is about the same for both versions. The top of the both MK III versions features a standard ⅜-16 inch or ¼-20 inch mount. The ¼-20 inch thread is already attached to the MoGoPod but when you unscrew the top plate, a ⅜-16 inch adapter will be attached to it. If you need the ⅜-16 inch, just flip it around and screw it on to the ¼-20 inch thread.

Both versions also have a foam grip handle which won't twist when you twist the lock unlike the old version. There is also a plastic grip handle towards the middle of the MK III with a ¼-20 inch thread which allows you to attach a friction arm and any future attachments that will be released from MoGoPod. Both versions also has a D-ring that lets you attach a shoulder strap. If you attach both strap ends to the bottom D-ring, it can now be turned into a stabilizer.

The rubber foot is a lot better than the previous MoGoPod which was just purely rubber with a slightly curved end. The new rubber foot is majority plastic with a rubber nub at the end of it. When the rubber foot is removed, a ¼-20 inch threaded stud is revealed. Since there is a ¼-20 inch threaded stud on both ends, you can place rubber foot on the top base where the ball head would go and this would make a great telescoping pole.

MoGoPod MCR-1 MogoCrane Belt

*No box shown as it was picked up in person during PhotoPlus Expo 2012

Now you must be wondering why is there two versions with different heights. The MoGoPod MK III "S" attaches to the optional MogoCrane Belt Kit wraps around your waist which transfers the camera weight to the operator's hips with a swiveling base can be used in a 'Crane-Like' fashion.

The main base is consisted of rubber so that it confirms to your body while the main swiveling base is made of metal. To keep it securely around your waist, a buckle clip is used.

The swiveling base allows you to go up and down but any movement for left and right will have to be done by twisting or moving your body. The MogoCrane + MoGopod MK III "S" combination will appeal to most run-n-gun videographers for it's stabile flexibility to achieve creative shots.

To attach the MoGoPod MK III "S" to the Crane belt kit, first clip the belt kit to your waist. Next, remove the rubber foot off the MK III and attach the MK III to the belt kit by screwing it in.

With everything attach including video ballhead to the MoGoPod MK III "S", you can begin to start your video filming and using it like a portable jib as shown in the video below:

MoGoPod TPD-2 Tripod Leg Stand Add-On

An optional swiveling tripod foot can be added for additional stability. The MoGoPod MKIII attaches to a tripod leg stand which resembles the Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod.

Each end of the leg has rubber to prevent the tripod leg from scratching or sliding. Each leg measures about 8" inches long. This is a bit long if you're looking for something that is portable. But of course, the advantage of the legs being this long is better stability even though the Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 did a good job at it with shorter legs.

To unfold the legs, simply just put them down and it will auto-lock in place. When you're done or just want to put the legs back up and use it as a monopod, all you have to do is pull back on the spring loaded safety locks that are on each leg and fold them up.

In the center is also a rubber foot for monopod usage if you didn't want to use the tripod legs. Loosening this rubber foot slightly allows you to pan and tilt the MoGoPod while still keeping the tripod leg stand in place. The movement is fluid and smooth. To prevent any movement of the MoGoPod, just tighten the rubber foot.

With this set up, I was able to use this as a light stand as well. All I needed to purchase was a flash umbrella bracket. It's not as sturdy as a normal light stand but works.

Conclusion : Overall, the MoGoPod MK III Monopod + MCR-1 Belt Kit + TPD-2 Tripod Leg Stand is a great improvement over the original MoGoPod. Not only does it look sleeker but the build quality to me is much better as well. I love the fact that the MoGoPod can act as a portable crane as well as a tripod. My only complaint is the price is a bit high. I would of also liked the tripod legs to be slightly shorter.

If you want to use the MoGoPod as a crane with belt kit and monopod/tripod, I would opt for the M size. Yes, its 7" longer but it beats having to buy two MoGoPods.

Manufacturer: MoGoPod
Site: Buy from Amazon / Buy from B&H Photo

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