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Calumet Photo Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Leaving Employees and Customers High and Dry

If you ever ordered or rented camera gear from Calumet Photo, we're sad to say that they closed their doors. No notice was sent out to customers but it was posted on their Facebook page.

Some employees were shocked by the immediate closure (reading through comments, they can't even get their own personal belongings or step foot inside the store except for managers). But it seems that some current/former employees and individual store management have been detailing their time with the company. Such as issues with upper management and dwindling stock of gear.
"After 75 years of business it is with a heavy heart that we announce our immediate closing in the United States (our European stores will continue). It has been a joy to share our passion for photography with you all these years. We'll miss each other and we'll miss all of our customers. Thank you for everything."

Plenty of customers are trying to find answers as to their rentals, items in repair and open orders that were placed and employees wondering about their paycheck and benefits. No one at Calumet is answering phone calls or getting any responses through email. Even their website is no longer active. No official statement or reason was released as to why they decided to close shop immediately.

But it seems that Calumet Photo has voluntarily filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, listed as case #14-08908 in the Northern District of Illinois United States Bankruptcy Court. The filing is dated March 12, 2014 and the first meeting is scheduled on April 22, 2014. In it's filing, it listed between $50 million and $100 million in assets and $10 million to $50 million in liabilities.

The PDF of the court filing can be viewed. (courtesy of Photo Business News & Forum)

There seems to be some signs of life. Calumet has made a new post on their Facebook page stating that they are exploring opportunities to reopen select locations. No word on which ones will reopen and what will happen to customers orders or repairs at those that don't reopen.
"Stay tuned, as we are exploring opportunities to reopen select locations to keep serving our customers. We will post any updates here if there are any."

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