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Review: SpiderLight Single Camera System Holster and Plate

Overview : Designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs, this camera holster is lightweight, durable and extremely versatile. The perfect companion for anyone that wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take their camera anywhere.

Features :
  • All-metal durable construction and ergonomic Holster design.
  • Two-position metal lock ensures security & fast draw action.
  • Securely clips to your own belt or to our SpiderLight Belt.
  • Quickly change from hip to to backpack with the SpiderLight Backpacker!
  • Connect to any tripod plate. Built-in ArcaSwiss tripod profile to boot.
  • Provides a connection for any tripod quick-release plate. Does not block Mirrorless camera battery doors!
  • Adjustable for thinner or thicker camera bodies/grip configurations.
  • Optional tether/quick connection for Sling Straps.

Quality/Usability : I've been using the SpiderPro Holster for quite some time when needed. When they informed me that they were launching their 2nd Kickstarter campaign - SpiderLight Holster. When they told me it was geared towards mirrorless, I was excited because the SpiderPro was a bit overkill for mirrorless and the Black Widow worked but wasn't SpiderPro level of quality in terms of all metal construction.

When I went to PhotoPlus Expo 2016, I stopped by the Spider Holster booth and was surprised to be handed a package. The package contained the SpiderLight Holster and Plate (preproduction model). At the time, there was just a little under a month left in the campaign but I was ecstatic to have one in my hands! Since I've had some time with it, it's only proper to write a review on it.

Since I was handed a USPS Priority Box before the campaign even officially ended and inside was the SpiderLight Holster and Plate wrapped in bubble wrap, I don't know what the final packaging will look like as this is a preproduction model. The SpiderLight looks like the final product since its essentially the little brother to the SpiderPro.

The SpiderLight Holster is similar to the SpiderPro Holster (comparison video) but in a smaller form factor geared towards mirrorless but a step above the Black Widow Holster in terms of quality (comparison video). You can use the SpiderLight Holster with smaller lightweight DSLR's. However, if you own a full frame or will be adding a heavy lens, it is best to go with the SpiderPro Holster.

The holster attaches to your belt or the SpiderLight belt. The holster is all metal just like the SpiderPro Holster. If you're familiar with the SpiderPro Holster, this is exactly the same quality. You can see our comparison video above.

The SpiderLight Holster has a two-position lock. In it's lower position, the lock secures your camera each time it’s placed in the holster. If you pull the latch up, it allows you to remove the camera but the next time you put your camera in, its locked in until you pull the latch up. In the upper position, you don't have to constantly pull the latch as the lock disengages for quick and easy access to your camera.

Even at the upper position, the camera won't fall out due to the weight of the gear holding it down and the long travel it would have to go up in order to fall out.

The plate attaches to the bottom of your camera. To tighten the plate to your camera, you can use the D-ring or use a coin. The Pro version uses a hex key. With this version, using the D-ring feels like i would break off if I tried to tighten the screw. The final retail product still has the D-ring but replaces the coin slot with an hole that requires a hex key to tighten. The plate connects to any tripod quick release plate that is Arca-Swiss tripod compatible. You can see our comparison video between the SpiderPro and SpiderLight plate.

Unlike the SpiderPro, the pin is pre-attached and there is no tool to remove it. The pin allows your camera to move freely with you as you move. Your lens points backward allowing you to squat quickly with no worries, and your flash (if you use one) hangs parallel to your leg. The pin is removable if needed.

Underneath the plate are two strips or rubber to help provide friction. There are also two black nylon screws that act as bumpers for your camera. If you have a grip for your mirrorless, this can be removed.

One of the things that Spider Holster is highly excited about is the fact that the plate does not cover your battery door. If the plate configuration out of the box gets in the way of your battery door, you can actually loosen the tripod screw (it acts as a stopper), slide the base out and rotate it around.

There is also a 1/4-20 screw mount in case you want to mount something to it.

Here is what the SpiderLight Holster plate looks like when mounted into the holster with no camera or on a belt.

The camera I used to try out the SpiderLight Holster was the Canon EOS M3 with EF-M 18-55mm. It's a little smaller than your typical mirrorless but it was the closest thing I could get my hands on for this review. I will be getting the EOS M5 which is better and will be best suited for the SpiderLight. Pictures will be updated once I get it in my hands.

Since the camera is smaller than your typical mirrorless, the plate hung off the camera just a little bit but it was still secure. I can however move the plate further in but it will block the battery door. This will occur for smaller sized cameras such as the Fuji X-T10. But if you own a Sony a7R, a6xxx series or even the Fuji X-Tx series, this will work fine.

Here is what the Canon EOS M3 looks like with the plate attached and loaded into the holster.

With the SpiderLight Holster clipped to my belt, I didn't really notice it. You can also see the Canon EOS M3 with 18-55mm holstered in. Since I already own Canon EF lenses and have the EF-M Adapter, I thought I would mount my Canon 24-70 f2.8L II with the adapter to the EOS M3. The weight distribution was even and felt comfortable with both the EF and EF-M lens.

Conclusion : Overall, the Spider Holster SpiderLight Holster is just like the big brother, SpiderPro. The quality is the same as just as good. If you've have the SpiderPro and felt that it was too much for a mirrorless setup, the SpiderLight is the perfect companion.

Spider Holster is also offering the holster and plate bundled with a SpiderLight belt. This is known as SpiderLight Single Camera System. The belt is nice to have because you don't have to clip it to your pants and if you don't want the camera/lens to be rubbing against your pants.

If you're a hiker that likes to take the camera with them, Spider Holster is also releasing a SpiderLight Backpacker adapter. It's simply a plastic base that attaches to the shoulder strap of your backpack and this allows you to clip the SpiderLight Holster into it. The Backpacker adapter also allows you to clip a GoPro to it as well.

Manufacturer: Spider Holster
Site: Buy from AmazonBuy from B&H Photo / Buy from Adorama

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