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Review: XTAR BC4 Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery USB Charger

Overview : XTAR BC4 has both charge and discharge functions. It can charge the batteries, the input current of the Type-C port is up to 5V 2A, and can also discharge through the USB port as an emergency power supply for external devices.

Features :
  • Apply to 1.5V Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR and 1.2V Ni-MH AA/AAA batteries. Supporting mix-charging of 1.5V Li-ion, 1.2V Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries. (Note: Do not charge 3.6/3.7V Li-ion batteries)
  • It can charge the batteries, the input current of the Type-C port is up to 5V 2A, and can also discharge through the USB port supply for external devices. (Note: Due to the difference in battery discharge performance and capacity, when using USB output function: Please use the same type, the same brand, and the similar condition of AA batteries and it’s not recommended to use different types of batteries for discharging.)
  • With its tiny size and thin body, BC4 can be held easily by one hand and put into your pocket. Equipped with an exquisite lanyard, convenient whether for daily carry or for traveling. (Size: L80mm x W75mm x H27mm)
  • After inserting four batteries with power into the charger, press and hold the button for 2s can turn on LED emergency light for close-up search and other emergency use in dimly lit environments
  • BC4 can charge rechargeable batteries of children's toys, remote controls, electric razors, recorders, alarm clocks, calculators, etc. As long as there are AA/AAA batteries, you can use BC4

Quality/Usability : XTAR reached out to us to see if we were interested in taking a look at their BC4 Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery Charger. We said yes because it had the ability to charge AA and AAA batteries but we also wanted to see what its capabilities were for charging devices/items.

In the box, you get the BC4 along with a USB-A to USB-C cable, lanyard and manual. XTAR did send me AA batteries but these are sold separately and you'd have to supply your own.

The BC4 supports 1.5V Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR and 1.2V Ni-MH AA/AAA batteries.

At the top, you have your LED light, USB-A port and USB-C port. The USB-C port allows only for charging the AA/AAA batteries at 5V 2A and USB-A port to charge your devices at 5V 1A.

On the side, you have a button that turns on the LED by holding down or with a press of the button, it activates the charger. By pressing the button, you can also check the battery level as well.

The cover comes off easily and snap closed securely as well. When you open cover, there is a blue ribbon where the batteries sit on top of. This ribbon allows for easy removal of the batteries by simply pulling up on the ribbon.

At the top are four LED lights that light up red or green and each LED represents 25%. The BC4 is great if you're looking for a portable AA battery charger when you're on the go as it is lightweight and portable. Perfect for charging those speedlight batteries.

As mentioned, there is an LED. This is meant more for emergency usage to help assist you with whatever you're doing such as during a blackout and you need to see the fuse box. Obviously, it won't light up an entire room but just enough for whatever you need to see.

To activate the LED, you simply hold down the side button for 2s. You do need at least three batteries in order for the LED light to function.

The BC4 is not meant to replace your power bank and its not going to charge your device to 100%. You're limited to whatever mAh your batteries are rated for. Combined with the XTAR VN2, you'd be able to charge your camera batteries but not enough to get your through a shoot since its not as powerful.

With four Alkaline batteries, you'll get about 10 mins of charging but with four Li-ion batteries, you'll get about 30 mins. As you can see, the BC4 is more for charging your smartphones or something and you need just that extra little juice to get you through until you're able to actually charge your device at an outlet.

Conclusion : Overall, the XTAR BC4 Rechargeable AA/AAA Battery USB Charger is great for emergency type usage and not meant to replace or replicate what a normal portable battery bank would do. It's nice that you're able to use different types of batteries when you're in a pinch.

It also acts as a AA/AAA battery charger so if you're looking for a charger to charge your speedlight batteries, lavalier, TV remote or even your kids toys, this is a nice compact charger.

The BC4 is easily portable as it will fit nicely in your purse or pocket. So if you're running low on juice for your smartphone, this will be a temporary charger to get you through until you can actually charge your device. I wouldn't rely on this to charge your camera batteries or anything that is power hungry.

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