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Review: SFBags Waterfield Designs Tablet Ultimate SleeveCase

Overview : Ultimate Tablet Sleeve Protection. Safeguard your tablet with a properly fitted SleeveCase. Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a nearly indestructible ballistic nylon shell, the Tablet SleeveCase functions as a stylish stand-alone case or can be inserted into another bag. And no need to take your tablet out of its snug compartment when going through airport security—it's TSA Checkpoint Friendly. With its impact-resistant screen protecting insert and its scratch-free, screen cleaning Ultrasuede® lining, you're good to go. It's a slam dunk.

Features :
  • Made of indestructible ballistic nylon shell
  • Stand-alone case or inserted inserted into another bag
  • Impact-resistant screen protecting insert
  • Ultrasuede neoprene interior lining
  • TSA checkpoint friendly

Quality/Usability : For photographers, we need a way to show our portfolio to clients. Some still carry around a binder with printed images while others are going more towards the high-tech route and using tablets to show their work.

As we transport our tablets or laptops to every location, we need a way to not only transport them but to make sure they don't get damaged. We do want to keep our devices as immaculate as possible so that it's presentable and not beat up. How you treat you items can also represent how well you maintain other items.

Since I purchased an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, I needed a way to carry my tablet around. I do have a leather case but there's no strap or handle. I would have to carry it around like a textbook thus occupying my hand. I wanted to see how the Waterfield Designs Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase would protect and hold my tablet.

The Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase is made of ballistic nylon shell that will help protect your screen from impacts to the front. It comes only in black. The flap has velcro on it to help close the flap and to prevent the tablet from falling out. The backside has a sleeve pocket that is big enough to hold cables, notepad or magazine sticking out (vertical).

It's available in two trim styles: lead indium and leather trim. The lead indium has a silver and black checker board look to it. The leather trim is just that, leather and costs an additional $6. The strap that is at the bottom of the sleevecase has a purpose. When you're pulling out the tablet, rather than holding the case, you would have one hand on the device and the other on the strap. This will allow you to pull the case away. You can also carry the case from this end but it is not recommended.

The flap cover is lined with Ultrasuede lining and is held closed with velcro.

The interior is made of neoprene liner that helps protect the screen from impacts. Also on the inside is a Ultrasuede lining that cleans the screen when you insert and remove the tablet every time. It won't remove everything but small particles like dust or crumbs. It's a perfect fit for the tablet. The Ultimate Sleeve Case are designed for tablets only with no accessories such as cases or covers installed. I personally like cases on my electronic devices to give it that extra protection.

If you want to add D-rings to the case, it would be an additional $5. The D-rings allows you to attach a shoulder strap if you ever need one. For $12, you get a Simple Strap Mini for the case and for $22, you get the Suspension Strap Mini (pictured above). If you have your own strap, you can use that instead of buying their own. Both the D-ring and strap are are well made and sturdy.

The Ultimate Tablet Sleeve is available for the Google Nexus, ASUS Transformers, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Nobles Nook, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Microsoft Surface, Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia Tab and many more! If you're unsure of the size, Waterfield Designs has great customer service.

Conclusion : Overall, the SFBags Waterfield Designs Tablet Ultimate SleeveCase is a perfect fit for your tablet. It protects your tablet and makes transporting it easier and more professional looking. The quality is top-notch and well made.

Manufacturer: SFBags - Waterfield Designs
Site: Buy from Waterfield Designs

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